Sunday, January 31, 2016

Playing Dress Up/Review: Who What Wear collection at Target

Ladies, Target has a new collection out  called Who What Wear and it's a winner. The quality is actually really great and the prices match up reasonably! The whole new collection actually mixes and matches well, pretty much any piece you buy you can pair with at least two or three other items. Matter of fact, I wish the whole collection was in my closet right now!

There are some downfalls, as with every collection. This one in my opinion seems like they could've added in a few smaller sizes for the petite. The trench vest I had assumed came in XS so when I tried on the small I put it back after because I thought I could find an XS online, but it's not the case, only S M L in this one. It looks so cute but it could definitely be one size smaller for sure.

Anyways, let's get on with it! I tried a few pieces. There was a LOT of clothes so I only tried like 14 items because I have baking to do too people, lol. :P

Playing Dress Up:

 $36.99 Women's Rib Sweater Midi Dress. 
Size S
 I love the Olive color, comes in black too. 
It's very on trend right now and can be dressed down & up. Fits like a glove. TTS.
I would buy it on sale.

Midi Shirt Dress Convertible Sleeve $36.99.
I'm not so sure about the length on me. I usually like midi dresses but this seems a bit too long. Could it be the sneakers? lol! The dress quality is great and is a soft denim which is awesome.

Midi shirt dress with convertible sleeves $36.99
Same dress different color story. Love the black! Still long, but could look great with heels. Just beware, anyone shorter than me (I'm 5'3) this would be a long dress, I mean it's practically at my ankles, actually I think its' the angle. Online the picture shows it's right below the model's knees. #shortgirlproblems

Skinny Crop Pant $29.99
Button Up Blouse $24.99

Pants: Size 2 Olive (also in black) I love! TTS and fit so good. They are really just the perfect pant. They remind me of a few I bought in the past from Gap.
Blouse: Size S. Half tucked in. So pretty! You must have one in every color (This one is in black and white only. While the button down version  comes in 7 colors/prints) in your closet! I was talking to Tracy about this blouse and we both agreed that this is very similar to the popular Lush v neck blouses at Nordstrom. Very versatile.

 Tucked in and proper.

Bateau T Shirt $19.99
Tee Size S. I love this tee too, very comfy and cute.
The length is a bit long. but I usually do a half tuck anyway so it's ok with me.
And I'm really loving the olive color as you can see!

Slim Boyfriend Denim $34.99
Trench Vest $39.99
Wearing head to toe WWW.
Jeans: They say slim boyfriend fit, but on me they just look like they don't fit! 
I'm not comfortable with that and I like boyfriend jeans. I'm wearing a size 2.
Trench Vest: I really love it but like I mentioned before, I wish it was just one size smaller.
The inside of the vest cinches but doesn't really hold the cinch unless you were to knot it.

Maybe I should just get it and try to shrink it! :D hah!

Button Back Tank $22.99
Wrap Front Culotte Pant $29.99 
 Tank Size S. The tank is fun yet classy. 
Reminds me of past designer target collabs, I think it was Philip Lim.
Pants size 4: or pants meet skirt. Its cool, but I don't feel like it was fitting me well. Too tight in the waist and it seems to pull to one side, since the zipper is at one side of your hip instead of the back. I might suggest trying a size larger, but I didn't have time. I really like it, so if I see it again I'll try a size up. Let me know in the comments if you try it!

Silk Peplum Blouse $24.99
 I should've went for xs in this one, it's roomy in the bust, I'm cinching it to show what an xs would be like. Just a very pretty blouse! 

Lace Tee $22.99
 Love the lace shirts, it comes in white too. It has a lot of stretch.
And would look cool over a tank or with cute fashion bralettes if you're daring! 
Keep it sophisticated with these pants or with a midi skirt.

Lace with a close up of the pants. You can see how the crotch seems to be pulling to my right.

Peplum Utility Jacket $39.99
 Super cute coat! Great price point and the jacket you need to transition to spring & summer.

All buttoned up. Flares a little in the back. FYI the sleeves roll up/scrunch up with ease.

The one piece I really wanted was the belted bag in red or black but they didn't carry them in-store store. I'll have to check again or hope they restock online. *Update: you can buy them online right now.

Check out the knotted belts in the middle! A must have!

What did you guys think? What did you get or is on your list?

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