Friday, September 11, 2015

#LCRunway Ready To Wear & On Sale! A Playing Dress Up Review!!!

Guys, the LC Lauren Conrad Runway Limited Edition collection launched in-stores & online and it's ready to wear straight off the New York runway.

Everything in person is a dream. While not everything suited me, a whole lot of it was swoon worthy and a few pieces I didn't think I wanted, I actually REALLY want now, and those pieces that I did initially want, well now I NEED.

Let's just dive right into the Playing Dress Up post because that's what you all came here for!

For reference I'm about 5'4, and tried sizes 4 and Small. I found a few of the skirts ran small, I could easily go up to size 6 in the skirts (and should, just for a more comfy fit), but it really depends on how you like your clothes to fit, like a glove or with a little room for the piece of cake or two. ;)

Also all the dresses are fully lined with slips!

Prices reflect the 25% off discount. There are more discounts to be added on top of these prices- see end of post for those codes.

Playing Dress Up:

Rose Gold details! Faux suede looks super real! I can only imagine how good this is in person in the forest green as seen on the runway.

Shown zippered and unzipped. Zippered is not to flattering in size 4 on me, I think a 6 might be better if I plan on zipping up. Otherwise fits lovely and feels so soft.
Items Shown:
Ombre Tulle Maxi Skirt $58.50
Faux Suede Moto Jacket $90
Lace Trim Top Gardenia $33

Skirt: excellent quality, lined and just the right amount of pouf. Get it!
Moto Jacket: WIN! Stunning piece.
Top: Nothing special. I say pass.

Item Shown:
Open Back Lace Column Dress $55.50

Argh SO cute! It's a very light shade of blush pink with a cute silvery green bow belt.

Item Shown:
Sequin Pleated Maxi Dress Green Gables $60

Verdict: The sequins at the waist are so pretty and just the right amount of sparkle with that gorgeous green ombre bottom. A winner.

Here's a shot of just the skirt and I'm wearing with my cami, shows how high waisted it is. I'm wearing size 4 in this one but the very last pic below I'm wearing size 6. 6 was better for me, especially if I want to tuck a top inside it or just have some give.

Item Shown:
Floral Maxi Skirt $58.50

Verdict: This is my FAVORITE skirt! It's very flattering and creates a pretty feminine silhouette.

Skirt with LC Runway Tops all below:

Oops this top was a Medium, there was no smalls left so I tried it on anyway.

My necklace is actually picking up the colors from the skirt. A very light purple and grey tones.

Tops from first to last pic:
Lace Trim Top Gardenia $33
Lace Trim Gardenia Blouse $33
**Can't find top 3&4 online, but it was in both store's I visited launch day.
Scallop Lace Crop Top  Natural $45 

1st top: Pass, not really worth it in my opinion.
2nd blouse- very pretty, this is the one Chrissy Teigen wore to the runway show.
3rd: Very soft and comfy, love the light lavender color and it ties into a bow at the neck on the back.
4th: It's pretty. But I prefer the cropped version.
5th:My favorite in the natural color. It's very flattering but is very cropped, looks best with high waisted pants and skirts.

Items Shown:

Scallop Lace Crop Top Gray Violet $45 
Organza Ball Skirt Hushed Violet $55.50

Verdict: This ball skirt makes me feel like a Disney princess, it's a steal of a deal if you have something fancy to go to!

Item Shown:
Lace Maxi Duster $60 

Open or shut this duster is my favorite piece out of the whole collection. There's endless possibilities to wear it. Over a slip dress, belted, over shorts and tank, over jeans, over colored denim and cami, over a tank dress, etc. etc.

Item Shown:
Lace Open Back Crew Neck Sweater $52.50

The Back slightly opens with a wrap and a you can tie the bottom with a bow. A little tricky, but on the runway they wrap the bottom to the front with a bow. The Shoulder pearl details are pretty, but very sheer.

Item Shown:
Floral sweater in-store, not finding it online, so I can't remember the price.
I will update as soon I find out.

Item Shown:
Ruffle Organza Dress $60

Mmk, so this looks awful on me :D. Any other color and I would like it. it's fully lined and very well made.

Item Shown:

Verdict: Ehhh NO! This dress is also awful on me! lol! It's very mumsy. I'm not sure, the model seemed to look good in it, so maybe if you are very tall, have blond hair and an updo, a better tan perhaps? It's a hard look to pull off but it can be done.

Items Shown:
Embroidered Popover top $45
Embroidered Shorts $45

Verdict: Cute, but not on me! The color isn't working for my skin tone. I also think I could go up to a size 6 in these shorts but 4 works.

Item Shown:
Floral Scuba Skirt $40.50
Whisper Pink & Green Gables

Verdict: These skirts I can easily go up to size 6 but 4 is fine too. The scuba material really adds that pouf skirt affect that looks awesome.Very girly!

Ok so that's it, I tried on everything my stores carried. I hope it helped you figure out what might work on you. It turns out I'm not the size I thought I was! haha! So I would believe this collection to run TTS if not slightly on the small side. If you are able to try up a size you should, it might work better for you. You can always order two sizes if you are unsure and return what doesn't work out!

Here's the codes for all to use good until Sept.16:

20% off with code Save 20 
Save 20% off Spend $100 or more Special20
Save 15% off Spend Under $100 Special15

Watch the real runway streamed show here:

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  1. Thanks for this! I am so excited about some of these pieces but was unsure about how they would work on me! Very helpful!