Sunday, September 27, 2015

Adam Lippes for Target Review! Playing Dress Up!

The Adam Lippes for Target "Mad for Plaid" collection launched in-stores & online today! 
Plus sizes are online only. 

So there was no one shopping! This was the first time in collab history where I walked in 20 minutes after opening and shopped the whole collection with no interference. Not one person. There were limited sizes of each item on the floor, two of each size. The only things I noticed missing were the tumblers! I suspect not enough customers were informed about who this awesome designer was. Either way, the items were decent quality and a lot made of cotton, clothing ran large, flats were tts and too pricey for what the Target customer usually spends on clothing.

 Here I am trying on the hidden wedge pointed toe flat. These have the same feel from earlier collab shoes from Prabal Gurung for Target. Not sure how comfy by the end of the day but felt good, just stiff. A dust bag is included which is a nice touch. I'm also wearing the men's plaid checked beanie for $14.99, I got for the hubby but I have plans to steal it from him. And the backbacks were my favorite. So so cute. As you see in the pic above the inside of the bags have a nice gold designer label that reads Adam Lippes for Target.

 The Pillows were plush and the blankets are not worth it. Better to wait for a sale.

 My favorites men's piece, besides the beanie!

 See nothing missing...just tumblers! 

 Looooove the weekender bag. I want it..$49.99 is pushing it for me since I spent so much on the LcRunway collection at Kohl's this month. But I may splurge anyway. It's one of those pieces you will use forever.
 The other side. Everything on this side was nice quality too. the third shelf is all dog stuff. The bar sets were manly chic. Seems perfect for a bro kind of household. If that makes any sense. It's beautiful though.

 Bags and Shoes! Can never have enough. My least fave bag was probably the smallest, the tan bucket bag. Just too small for anything. If you are going for the bucket bag, I say the black and white, its roomier.

Playing Dress Up:
I had to size down to XS on everything. It's very long and runs big. I'm 5'3 for reference and usually wear a Small in tops/dresses at Target size 26 in pants.

 This was cute untied at the waist on me. When I tied it up it just felt like a bathrobe w/out sleeves. I'm not sold, but for clearance I would consider it.

 This one is my favorite clothing item. I don't mind the long armpit holes, I thought it would bother me but it looks cute with a tank top or long sleeve under. Its 100% cotton too. $39.99 was just a bit too high still. But if I hadn't already spent all my shopping money this month I'd be all over this since Adam Lippes makes great knits.
 Aye yi yi. It's really long and wide and well like a Mexican poncho blanket. 
I don't like the details at the neck..cheapens the look somehow. However it is very soft and warm. 

 This dress looked great on a few instagrammers, I think I'm too petite for it. 

 The pants I love! 
There's a cute checked pattern on the side and drawstring. 
Very comfy and slim fit.

 I don't care for the top, it feels too masculine. Maybe with a skirt instead. the cuffs were interesting, but I don't like the neckline. Also its very long like a shirt dress. Is it a shirt dress? 
That would explain things! :D
 Nah. This is a popular shape for coats but a few people can pull it off. 
I ain't one. It's so big on me! It is really soft and very light yet warm.
 Yay bags! Not my favorite one as previously mentioned.
 Perfect size with handle too.
Weekender be mine!

What did you think of the collection? Did you end up shopping in-store or online?
I'm waiting for clearance but I did buy the beanie :D! 


  1. Great review and pretty much in agreement with everything, but I thought you'd like the B&W shirt more, it looks cute on you! Your ponch-NO, lol!! Dying to get my hands on the B&W weekender bag on clearance, I loved it so much! I really liked the sweater vest too, but it's also a tricky piece for the bathrobe-like style :-p I'm curious what you'll end up with on clearance!


    1. Thank you Tracy! I feel like the shirt is better for preppier gals or work wear. I'm a fan of a collar, so that might be what's throwing me off. As for the ponch-no, it looked cute on a few blonde ladies I saw on instagram. I'm too short for it too. The sweater vest was tricky, I'd just wear it without the belt it comes with, it needs a real belt, like faux leather or just wear it open. I'd really like to get the pants and the sweater tunic and bag on clearance! Let's hope we see them marked down Tracy!