Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kiss InstaWave for the Perfect One Touch Hairdo to Ring in the New Year!

I recently was given the KISS InstaWave curler for review and thought New Years would be the perfect timing to try it since we all want to end the year of with a banging new hairdo right?

This is crazy looking but it's pretty cool. Now, I was totally skeptical going into this, I usually stick to my wand curlers but this was too intriguing not to try. Don't be scared, it's actually really easy to use.

"No longer do we need a professional to style our hair to perfection. Instantly create beautiful, long-lasting curls with just the touch of a button with the KISS InstaWave, a fully automatic tangle-free curler. " Kiss InsaWave.

  • KISS InstaWave is a fully automatic tangle-free curler that instantly creates beautiful curls
  • Easy for anyone to use, from any angle, with any hand
  • Features a Curl Dial with left/right curl directions
  • Automatically shuts off after 90 minutes
  • 2 heat settings with a low/high switch with maximum temperature of 420

It took me a good minute or two just staring at this thing, like, "what am I supposed to do with this now?" So I busted out the directions it came with and gave it a try.

To be honest it was awkward at first not knowing what I was doing, but halfway through curling I started getting the hang of it. The curler gave a lot of bounce and held throughout the whole day which was surprising!

After a few uses I learned that I like to keep my hair around the barrel no longer than 10 secs, since I like a looser curl. But you can hold longer for tighter curls.

Another note, this curler is fantastic for keeping one hand free, and I think it would be beneficial for someone with certain medical conditions with their hands also, it's light and easy to use. A down point is that it curls better with less hair, too much hair in the curl dial and it won't stay put around the barrel.

I've been switching between this curler and my clamp-less wand, I still gravitate towards the latter, but if it's going to be a long day of work I'll choose InstaWave instead.

Image from Etsy. Too funny!
Good News for those of us with a little bit of will automatically shut off after 90 mins! PHEW, you can "forget" to turn off your curling iron, lol, but if you're like me you probably won't since you checked 5x's before leaving the house.

You can buy it at Ulta, it's reasonable-ish ($59) but I would try it out with one of the weekly coupons. ;)

I hope you all have the most spectacular hairstyle planned for tonight! Happy New Year everyone!

*I was given this product to review through BrandBacker & KISS. All opinions are always my own. 

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