Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Beauty Review: Billion Dollar Brows at Kohl's!

I got my hands on a  fabulous beauty brow set available exclusively at Kohl's and had to share the deets with you guys! I was actually sent the Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit to review before it was available to order or shop at Kohl's.

And I'm happy to tell you that it is super affordable and pretty darn amazing.

"We believe that beautiful brows are a right, not a privilege. Our products are priced fairly so that you don’t have to break the bank to have Billion Dollar Brows."-BDB

And you know me, I like a good deal. What you are getting is 4 (5 if you count the double sided pencil) full sized products for only $34.99! Total steal.

Available for purchase now!

 Kit Includes:
 Brow Gel
Use this after your universal eye pencil, it seals in your look and doesn't flake.

 Brow Duo Pencil
Concealer & Highlighter
I LOVE this pencil. The concealer is perfect for touch ups and covering blemishes too. 
The Highlighter is the real highlight though, I love using a bit of it under my eyebrows to enhance the look.
 Smudge Brush
Used to blend with the Duo Pencil Highlighter end.
This is a great synthetic brush, I don't own one like it and it's perfect to blend in the highlighter under the brows.

Universal Eye Pencil
Twist up pencil on one end, blending eyebrow brush on the other. 
Not too dark, not too light. Very workable and can build up or play down depending on daytime or night looks. I like this option, since my Anastasia brow gel applies very heavily, while this one has a lighter touch so you don't end up looking overly made up.

A quick tutorial
From empty pocket brows to Billion Dollar Brows ;)
1,Before, 2.Pencil then brush, 3. set with Gel, 4. Highlight under the brow arc and proceed to blend with Smudge Brush, 5. After.

I have to tell you while I was skeptical that this stuff would even work at such a cheap price, (I've become less of a beauty brand snob the past year, it's amazing how overpriced and over hyped cosmetics can get!) I'm happy to report that this is a killer set. I've been wearing it every day the past week and actually like it more than my Anastasia Brow Gel and Benefit Brow Zing. It's the perfect combination of both brands, easy to work with and build up and really completes any daily face routine.


What do you think of Billion Dollar Brows best seller kit? Will you be picking one up on your next trip to Kohls?

Coupon: 15% off your purchase at Kohl's with code SEPTYES15

*This is a sponsored post, the kit was gifted to me from Billion Dollar Brows and BrandBacker. All opinions are purely my own.


  1. Ooo! I normally use a Rimmel eyebrow pencil as a base, a brown powder eyeshadow to darken my brows, and then loose translucent powder to set them. I know, awkward! But I've recently replaced my Rimmel pencil for an Orfa eyebrow pencil. (Waxier and a little more long-lasting.)

    I seriously want to purchase this Billion Dollar Brows set after reading this review. You had me when you compared it to Anastasia + Benefit brow products! I'm pretty picky about my brow products, but I think this one sounds quite interesting.

    Thanks for the great review!
    PS, that Altuzarra sweater looks great on you!

  2. Great review and your brows look so good! Thanks, I'll be checking this out on my next trip :)


  3. this sounds like a great product!thanks for shairng!