Saturday, September 27, 2014

Playing Dress Up: Elie Tahari for Kohl's DesigNation

Elie Tahari for Kohl's launched yesterday in-store & online. I was unable to make it to the store on Friday due to being called into work, hence the late post! :D So I went in this morning and there was still a ton of stuff left, like a ton, but that's very common for a Kohl's collab anyway. I was pleasantly surprised with the clothes, they really do look better on and the textures were overall very soft.

Check it out if you have a Kohl's nearby, and get 25% off for a limited time, 30% off if you have Kohl's card (lucky ducks). There's also a 15% off coupon floating around so get one of those too!

And without further adieu, here's my Playing Dress Up review:
For reference I am 5'3, and tried on XS and S when XS was not available, I will make note of that.
Prices are shown discounted first with the 25% off promo and then followed by original price.

1.) Mock Layer Sweater in Gray Combo- $48 ($64)
This is one of my top pieces, I only wish they had it available in the cream color. The sweater is soft and also a bit see through if you look at it up close, due to the sweater weave. The Chrysler building printed blouse is the perfect length underneath for wearing over leggings.

 2.) Mock Layer Sweater in Bright Cobalt Night $48 ($64)
      Styled over French Terry Jogger Pants $37.50 ($50)

I'm wearing a size Small in this one, you'll notice its a bit baggy in the arms, the XS fit better for me.
The joggers were also a Small and too loose, I think sizing down would help a lot but it depends on your style.

 3.) Drape Back Mixed Media Top in Blueberry Night. $36 ($48)

This top was very soft and stretchy, the layer panels are nice but too much $$ for such a simple top.

Oh and the back. It looks really weird on as well! I tried to take a picture but couldn't twist enough to take a back shot at it, too bad Kohl's doesn't have the dressing room mirrors that Target has. Anyways, it pokes outward...I don't get it.

4.) Taxi Georgette Top $40.50 ($54)

I like the graphic in theory, but I feel odd in it to be honest. The whole back and sleeves are sheer, so it doesn't have much give-like I'm afraid it could rip or snag. Is anyone else freaked out that theres taxi's driving out of your stomach? Just me? Otherwise great price on sale for an iconic piece.

5.) Open Work Chenille Sweater $48 ($64)

Cute but kind of awkward fitting. It feels like those knitted scarves you buy at your grandmas favorite holiday trade show, which is FINE, but seems hard to care for once you wash it. That's just my assumption. The back is fully opened, again I couldn't take a picture of it on. You can see through it, my nude tank doesn't look very chic underneath at all. On the fence about this one.

6.) Ombre Georgette Tunic Gray Combo $48 ($64)
      Paired with Textured Midi Skirt $40.50 ($54)

This is my other favorite piece, the skyline tunic. You can see it better in the next picture as I tucked it into the skirt so you can see how the skirt fits.

The skirt was surprisingly pretty and soft and stretchy, perfect for day to night as it will feel comfy after many meals throughout the day. I like the length too, I love a midi!

The tunic is so cool. I can imagine wearing it with my black wax denim or over faux leather leggings and belted.

7.) Ribbed Funnel Neck Sweater Blueberry $48 ($64)
     Styled over Ombre Georgette Tunic.

This sweater was also another surprise. The cut reminds me of Helmut Lang sweaters, cut shorter in the front and angled longer in the back. It looks pretty street styled over the tunic right?

The neck is kinda of awkward though for me, it may be because I haven't worn such a high neckline since who knows when.

8.) Faux Suede Motorcycle Jacket $75 ($100)
     Style over Ombre Georgette Tunic.

Wow you guys, this jacket is crazy amazing. It might just be the best Kohl's collab jacket ever. I was thinking this was going to be a let down in person, but it's legit. I love how soft it is. And the size is a Small, so definitely size up on this one. They fit tight.

 All zippered up over the tunic.

9.) Chenille Sheath Dress $58.50 ($78)

What a fantastic sweater bodycon dress. A long sleeve and midi length is totally A O K for my age and bay area weather. The blue print is very subtle as well, I believe it's another city print. Isn't it still kind of overpriced though?

10.) Mixed Media Sheath Dress $63 ($84)

Chic dress but too much going on for me. It zippers from the bottom almost all the way up to the hips. And the material is not very comfortable, felt stiff on. (Sorry for the annoying hints of yellow on the bottom of these two pics...that's due to my french fry case...oopsie!)

11.) Ombre Convertible Cardigan $68 ($88)
        Styled over previous Mixed Media Shift Dress.

The cardigan was just ok. It's very warm and has a detachable scarf that wraps around.  All I can say is ok.

Hope you found my review helpful! Did you shop Elie Tahari for Koh'ls yet? What was your favorite piece?


  1. Great review - since I only tried on like 3 tops (which was way more than I thought I would!), loved getting a better idea of the fit. What's funny is the mixed media top I liked and couldn't see the back very well even though I was trying to, I'm not sure. You're right, for a few basics the prices are high without all the added discounts. My store didn't have the white shirt, which I really want after seeing it on you :) I'll also be keeping an eye out for the jacket on sale, its solo nice!


    1. Thank you Tracy!! I don't know how you do it, I end up with two arms loaded with clothes into the dressing room. So about the mixed media top, I also like it at first, but the back was kind of random! I see it's supposed to drape, but it stuck out instead when I tried it on! Remind me when it goes on sale, I know you are always on top of that! :D x-Franci

  2. Love the mock layers!


    1. Those are my fave Miranda! Now it's down to deciding on beige, blue or gray! ;) x-Franci

  3. Thanks for a great review! We don't have a Kohl's in NOLA and I couldn't tell if I liked anything in the lookbook enough to order online, so your review really helps. Love the midi skirt and the body con dress on you.

    1. No prob, I'm glad I could help you! I know what you mean, I actually wasn't crazy about much from the looks of the lookbook but as soon as I saw it in person it's another story. I may be missing out on more, since not everything from online was in my store, there's a really cute faux fur front sweater that a follower of mine LOVED. Thanks again Primadonna.

  4. Great review! I mentioned the same problem with the back of that top in my review. It made me so sad as I really liked the top in general. Everything looks really good on you! The suede jacket looks wonderful (not so wonderful on me). Btw, are your shoes target? (As a target worker I have a problem with noticing everything target lol)

    1. Thanks Sammie! I'll have to stop by your blog and see your review. Yeah the back of the top was so odd...And yes my shoes are from Target, of course! lol. Good eye. ;)