Sunday, September 14, 2014

Playing Dress Up: Altuzarra for Target

I skimmed the Altuzarra for Target collection online at midnight but I was determined to get whatever I liked in store. I had a feeling at the higher price point most of the items are at, that there would be a lot leftover. And there was, but that doesn't mean the collaboration wasn't fabulous, because I j'adored it!

Here's the line outside Target at 7:45am.
Pretty tame.

And the racks after my playing dress up and countless selfies in the dressing room.

Still pretty stocked and a lot to choose from.

And now the fun part! 
For reference I am 5'3 and tried on size 2 & XS, unless noted otherwise.

Playing Dress Up:

1.) Maxi Dress Swiss Dot. Black. $79.99

I'm crazy about this dress! Angeline Jolie meets Rachel Zoe, very boho glam! The dot print on top the sheer overlay is just beautiful. And the length, I'm petite and I can't believe I wouldn't have to tailor this dress if I bought it. This dress is off the charts.

altuzarra for target review black maxi dress

2.) Faux Fur Jacket. $69.99.

Straight up Real Housewives of New Jersey over here.
And I'm kind of loving it! :D
It's really warm and heavy too but not crazy bulky.

altuzarra for target faux fur coat

I was wearing the fur over this tuxedo dress. It had great details from the embroidery down to the gold side zipper. I believe this one was a size 4 (the only dress I tried that wasn't a 2), so I went up a size, it fits like a glove so keep that in mind. 

altuzarra for target review crane dress
  And a slit to boot.

4.) Velvet Blazer. Ruby Hill. $59.99.
5.)Velvet Tuxedo Ankle Pants. Ruby Hill. $39.99.

That 70s outfit.

altuzarra for target review velvet ruby hill blazer
I broke it up into piece by piece and also shown worn together.
Truth be told, I thought this was hideous when I saw it online and on some morning show. It doesn't read well on TV I think. But it's actually really really cute. I love a good blazer, and this is a fantastic one. Pockets are not functional though, but the velvet is very luxe and soft.
The pants are pretty cool too. I love the ankle fit. The problem is with the bunching in the crotch, it's kind of low rise too. I wish I tried on the black pair. And while it's a pretty unique outfit I can't get over the fact that I'm sort of channeling Zac Posen, right?

6.) Satin Dress Orchid Print. Purple. $49.99.

Beautiful color, nice dress in theory but this dress was a total fail. It's a non stretch material and not the same material of the long black stretchy orchid dress. It fit really odd on the top and was very tight, sizing up would not help because it gets loose in the shoulders.

I literally couldn't stretch my arms up any higher than this picture below.
It was opposite that classic moment in the movie the  Christmas Story, "I can't put my arms down!"
I can't put my arms up!

7.) Peasant Dress w/Embroidery. Ruby Hill. $54.99.

altuzarra for target ruby hill dress
And my most favorite dress! I love the color, I love the style, I love the pockets, the tassels, the sequins, the embroidery (breath-GASP!), IT'S REALLY GOOD.

8.) Sweater w/Crane Embroidery. $49.99.

My name is Franci and I'm a sweater-holic. And my real reason for shopping Altuzarra for Target this morning you ask? This sweater.  Its fabulous as far as sweaters go, and the gold cranes are magical (I can't prove that). I really like the material and stretchy softness. The long sleeves are perfect for long arms. I'm going to treasure it.

altuzarra for target crane sweater

9.) Orchid Print Sweater. $29.99.

This sweater completely surprised me. I thought the flower print would look really cheap and stiff in person, but it's very silky smooth and looks pretty. The price is right too.

10.) Over the Knee Boot. $79.99.

After I was done shopping I went to see what shoes were left, only the boots. So naturally I tried these heart breakers on. They are actually easy to walk in and comfortable. The bad news? Well I have a lack of calves unfortunately, so I couldn't fill it out. And it bunched at the ankles. 

11.) Faux Croc Belt. $29.99.
12.) Sheer Swiss Dot Scarf. $29.99.

I love the belt, it will accent many dresses, high waisted skirts, and trench coats.
The fringe scarf is a nice dose of boho-chic.
Overall, this has to be the most impressive collaboration at Target yet. The pictures online did no justice. In person it was impressive, beautiful and quality made (real embroidery, functional details from buttons, zippers to heavy weighted material) at least as much as Target can achieve at their price point. 

A lot of the items surpassed my expectations and surprised me. Some of my favorite pieces look like they could actually be from Nordstrom or even Altuzarra's designer line, no joke.

And like any collab addict, here's my haul. :)

What did you think of the collection?

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  1. I had ordered the maxi Swiss dot dress online. I went to the stores and found the shorter version. I hated the blousy-ness in the chest area. I mean it looked bad on my larger chest. I was weary about the orchid maxi but found one there to try on. I fell in love wit it. I also found the python faux wrap dress. By far the best dress I have ever worn. It was a magical moment

    1. Good to know! I'm sure that will help for sizing reference for other readers too! I just loved the swiss dot style sooo much. Your haul sounds fantastic! :) x-Franci

  2. Your post is amazing - all the work that goes into taking dressing room pics is so hard! Pretty similar reviews, you called the velvet pants, odd fit for sure and they didn't have my size or even close to try in the black ones. I think we both want the wine boho dress on clearance -OMG, love it so much! I won't even wait for that one to hit 70% Lol ;-) Great reviews as always and you always look so cute, and too bad those boots didn't work because they look gorgeous on you - so high fashion!


    1. Thank you so much Tracy, means a lot coming from you :) Luckily for me and everyone following that I don't mind trying on clothes and it helps that I was having a good hair morning-good hair equals better pictures, lol! Anyway, there's a lot to love about the ruby hill boho dress, let me tell you not ONE person on instagram who took a picture wearing that dress look nothing but fabulous in it. I actually can't stop thinking about it, we need to get it Tracy. I wish the boots worked out too, maybe I should take up running to build up some calves???NAHHHH. x-Franci

  3. I always love reading your posts on these collabs to compare your thoughts to mine. I ordered the swiss dot maxi a size up based on initial reviews and am hoping it fits. I tried on the shorter version in my size and a size up and there wasn't a huge difference. I hope it's everything I want it to be. My first thought was it's so Rachel Zoe! LOL

    1. Thank you Maria, I'm flattered! I look forward to your collab reviews as well! I can't wait to see what you think of the boho maxi dress, I wasn't planning on trying that one but it looks so much better in person than the catalogue. Yes! Rachel Zoe, it looks like it could be sold at Calypso too right? Anyways, let's keep in touch! x-Franci

  4. Great post! Like how you went into detail for each item. Really helps the readers.

    1. You are too kind Sparkle.Live.Laugh! That's why I love doing these reviews, the more bloggers that review and try on the wider variety of sizes and shapes that readers can compare to. :) Thank you for reading sweets. x-Franci

  5. Yours is my favorite review so far! You were detailed and you really romanced the items, but could tell you were being genuine - love it! I purchased the fur jacket and the orchid print sweater online and cannot wait to receive them, so in the meantime I'm just reading reviews! Thanks for taking the time!

    mars | beauty

    1. You are the sweetest Marsadie! Your comment made my day. And I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I tend to treat the collab reviews as if we are all girl friends on a shopping date ;). And good choice on your picks, the fur coat was so luxurious, I think you will totally work it. And thank you for taking the time as well.

  6. Love your review! I was totally happy and impressed as well. Check out my review if you get a chance:

    My dressing room selfies are so much worse than your cute ones!!

    You're kinda making me want to go back for the crane sweater, Girl!

    Dawn Lucy

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I just checked out your post and that python shirt looks fantastic on you. I have to tell you, you need the crane sweater. ;)

  7. Looks like your store had a few of the GOOD pieces! I love that swiss dot maxi dress on you. Wish my store had that. Thanks for stopping by earlier and checking out my post too :)

    1. They really did, almost everything, but no trenches! And don't mention it, loved your post! And the swiss dot maxi is still available online, the short versions are too, I have them in my cart. lol! x-Franci

  8. This was a great post, because by the time I got to my store, they had almost nothing left. So disappointing! I really wanted to get my hands on a sweater or two, but they laughed at me when I asked if they had any left. Oh well....I'll be kicking myself when I see killer outfits popping up on blogs this week!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

    1. First of, thank you Jackie! But that sucks about your store having nothing left. Maybe you might find some returns soon! There's still a few pretties left online, especially if you were interested in the dresses :D x-Franci

  9. Such a helpful, thorough post! I'm hoping there's a few pieces left at my target later this week! Those kind of boho dresses are calling my name, and it's great to know that they're just as stunning in person!

    xoxo jenna @ sincerely jenna marie
    PS- make sure and stop by on Thursdays to link up!