Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pineapples Everything.

In the beginning of spring 2014, there was lemons. Lemons at Kate Spade, lemons at Ann Taylor, we were in no shortage of lemonade or making limoncello thanks to life handing us a few lemons. But alas summer is upon us and as one fruit becomes a little out of season the next shall reign. All hail the pineapple. Glorious pineapple.

OK I sound like a crazy person, but have you noticed the fruit craze this year? I mean everyone is wearing pineapples. There's a hashtag for it on Instagram, just a few days ago it was #PineappleShirtDay (it totally checks out) and I missed it, I was crushed. But that won't stop me. 

Last night I stayed up until midnight doing my own nail art, of course I had to wait until daylight to snap a shot. Check out my Pineapple Nail Art :D 
It's not tooo shabby right? I'm no pro but it was fun playing with my Butter London nail tools.
Oh and I matched it to my new Target pineapple print tank by Merona, on sale for a limited time, $7. 

Here are a few more pineapple prints on sale at Target this week.

Cardigan is $15, Tank for $7, Weekender Bag for $27.99 at 20% off.

There's even a really cute fruit tray by OhJoy at Target, I posted this last week on my Instagram
You have to get one, it's only $15. 

And for funsies I found these cute pineapple ear phones at F21, the cats are cute too but off topic.

I walked in the big 40% off sale at Yankee Candle
Lo and behold a Pineapple wax melt candle warmer on sale for $13. I love these things.

What do you think? 
Do you like pinacolada's? Write to me and escape! ;) 
Extra points for being old enough to know that song. 

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  1. Awww...such a fun post because I am crazy for pineapples, heehee! Your nails came out amazing, seriously I can't believe you were able to create pineapples on your nails - bravo!! So glad you found your tank, so perfect with the mani - cuteness all around :)


    1. Why thank you Tracy! I had to make a post dedicated to pineapples, you know since everyone is obsessed, or is just us? ;) I kind of created pineapples on my nails right? I tried anyway! XO-Franci

  2. and getting caught in the raaain, if you're not into yoga, if you have half a brain - my FAVE!
    I really liked this post! and your nails are really well done, I wish I had half those skills haha, mine just turn into big blobs ugh. <3

    1. LOL!!!! You get ALL the points Tanvi :D
      I was really scared they would be pineapple blobs, I don't know how the nail artists do it all the time, it's quite intense work. Keep trying though, google some images until you see one that looks easy enough to dupe. Thanks for all the kind words. x-Franci

  3. SO cute! I love pineapples because they remind me of Hawaii. Great finds!
    Dawn Lucy