Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nail Art Designed by Katie Jane Hughes

“Nail polish is created in a lab. Nail lacquer is created on the runway.” – Katie Jane Hughes

This week's Beauty post features something very unique for nail polish lovers. I won these 24 exclusive Bespoke press on nails though an IG Contest hosted by @KatieJaneHughes, the nail/makeup artist and Butter London Global Colour Ambassador. She actually hand painted them herself. 
And then she sent me a second set! So sweet. I decided I'm going to frame one set and hang it up near my polish collection and wear the other to a fashion/beauty event.

While you can't buy these nails, 
you can buy all the Butter London lacquers that were used to create the looks.  

Shop the colors: 

My attempt:
And then I tried my hand at nail art. I used Michael Kors Curtain Call for the base (scored at The Rack for $14 last week!) & Butter London Chuffed (A bright sheer orange but strangely on top of blue it turns gold!) for the triangle.

I'm crazy for Butter London lacquers so these are such a special keepsake. Similar hand painted nails have popped up at the web store every now and then so I'll keep you posted when I see them.

50% off Last Orders at now until 6/29!

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  1. Love your nails - so high fashion! I can see why you want to frame a set of the ones she designed. Okay, I am totally going back for the MK blue polish ( I didn't get it the second time I went either)!