Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ipsy Glam Bag June 2014

Pretty in Paradise.  As promised, my Ipsy Glam Bag review is brought to you in a timely matter this time, even in the right month! This June I got a lot of goodies I can't wait to share with you. 
But first, let's just take a moment to check out the makeup bag it all arrived in.

This is hands down the BEST makeup bag yet. Pineapple print (the print of this summer) & Rebecca Minkoff. I'm already won over, forget the rest of the contents, it doesn't even matter.

Oh wait, but you probably came to actually see what was in the bag itself right? 

Haha, alright, you win, here it is:
Here's all my pretties. 

I forgot to snap a pic of the Beach Spray on it's on so I'll review it first!

1.)Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray.
Yaaas! The perfect spray for summer waves. This is the best one I've used so far, It gives your hair texture and volume. I'm no pro at using these but I was kind of able to get a hairstyle with it and it smelled good.

1.) DERMAdoctor DD cream

This is the first time I've ever tried DD cream. I'm a big believer in CC cream and how it has really enhanced my complexion. I love the idea of this cream though, it self adjusts to your skin tone, so no need to guess which one is right for you. It's light and creamy.

It actually brightened my skin and had an after glow when I tested it on my hand as you can see below.

After the makeup bag, this would be my favorite item I got this month.

2.) NYX Butter Gloss in Eclair

Thanks to subscription boxes I love NYX cosmetics. They are way affordable ($5) and would've never guess how good the product is.

Great shade, and not sticky. Goes on like butter.

 3.) Nika K New York Shimmer Eyeliner in Green

Gah I wish I had got the blue shade since I've been really wanting one that color. But the green was surprisingly very pretty. I don't usually wear color eyeliner but this was fun to line the bottom of my lid for a little unexpected pop.

4.) Be a Bombshell Lash Out Mascara

I actually didn't try this one out, I'm giving it to a friend so she can be a bombshell. I have way too many mascaras than I actually need or use so it made no sense to try it out. Looks good though and it's full size!

Great bag, best use of $10 this month!

Do you subscribe? --->http://www.ipsy.com/r/1pce


  1. I need to subscribe! Love your nails, btw ;)



    1. Thank you Miranda! Ipsy is a nice gateway subscription addiction. It's only $10 and I found a lot of fab products that I've added to my daily regime that I wouldn't have found on my own. x-Franci

  2. Seriously that bag!!! Like you said, who really cares what's IN the bag after seeing that, so cool! The contents are pretty good too, Lol. That eyeliner color is awesome, I would have paid $20 just for the bag alone, I still can't believe they pulled that off!


    1. Haha, glad you agree! The eye liner is really good, long lasting and doesn't dry out like others I've tried. The RM bag was a total shocker to me, I never look closely at the emails before Ipsy sends out the bag, I like to be surprised, so WOW. x-Franci

  3. Nice blue eyeliner! And fun pineapple

    1. Thank you Ruckus! I love pineapple printed everything. :D x-Franci

  4. This was my first bag! I'm so glad because you're right, the bag itself was worth the $10! I got the blue eyeliner, RealTree perfume sample, NYX butter gloss, an eyebrow pencil and Carol's Daughter hair care which is incredible. so excited!! :)

    1. Ooo you got a great first bag to start out with! I love Carol's Daughter, they always have great products on sale at Target. x-Franci

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    1. Thank you so much for all your kind words! We should def. follow each other ;) x-Franci