Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Beauty Review: Sugar Scrubs That Are Pure BonBliss!

Just a heads up, this review is nothing but sweet sugary bliss! 

It was love at first sight. I mean who else is a sucker for product packaging? BonBliss Bath & Body Treats nailed it with their candy wrapped body scrubs. Yes BODY SCRUBS. Not candy.

There's a lot of scents to choose from too just like truffles, a girl loves options. I've tried Orange Sherbet, Lemony Yuzu and Sweet Sasuma so far. I have a thing for orange wrappers I guess. These all smelled sooo good and you can break them up in the shower and scrub away. It's supposed to be for one use, that way you aren't letting good product go to waste-I find it lasts me two showers.

I just now opened the fuchsia wrapped Japanese Cherry Blossom, smells very spring. Imagine it's right after a rainy day, the sun rays have peeked upon the cherry tree and the rain drops roll off the cherry blossoms. **SNIFF** Yeah that's it.

These are so pretty it's hard to use them. But once you unwrap these spa delights there's no regrets.

See the warning?  Do Not Eat, yo. I added the yo.

And here's the body truffle in all its sugary goodness glory.

As a baker I wash my hands entirely way to often, so I find these scrubs are perfect for my dry hands. Super moisturizing and feels like a spa treatment each time.

It will melt in your hand as you scrub your arms, legs wherever. Just rinse off with water, and you don't even need lotion, but I like a light layer anyway just to soak it all in.

Would you be trying BonBliss Body Truffles? They are sold individually and there's also those tiny little candy wrapped sugar cubes you see in my photo above, it's called "Scrub 2 Go"which are perfect for keeping a few in your purses or weekender bag.

This way to pure Bliss--->BonBliss Beauty

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  1. I came back today because for some reason I wasn't able to post my comment yesterday (and I tried twice :( Anyway, I love the packaging and have never tried these cute little guys, even better that they actually work!