Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Marshalls: Beach Please!

The temperature is rising in the Bay Area and it's getting hot in here! So you better have a bathing suit and beach day planned stat because Marshalls has a tons of goodies and designer bathing suits ready to make this happen.

Beach Please! ;)
A lot of cute beach house decor. Dedicate a room in your house for the beach bum vibe for the summer.

 Don't forget your cooler, this Cynthia Rowley roller cooler is sooo cute with those little crabs on it! 

And these glasses have little tiny fishes all over them, so if you are just staying indoors with the AC at the max at least you can pretend you are at the ocean.

And if you plan on taking the real plunge this week or weekend I spotted a bunch of new arrival designer swimsuits that are just too fun.

Fringe and teal two piece by Guess, $34.99!

Juicy Couture Triangle top and bottom with ruffles. Adorbs.

The Bandeau version. Juicy Couture is under $40!

My personal fave, the crochet two piece by Roxy for $29.99. It comes in white too.

Multi color two piece by Roxy for $24.99. This makes me think of Katy Perry, fun and flirty.

And a fantastic deal on this palm tree adorned pieces by Tildon for $16.99 a set!

And the Cynthia Rowley cover ups for the modest. It can take you from beach to cocktails.

Hope you are staying cool & stylish this week! Can you believe it's almost summer?!


  1. Those swimsuits are so cute - I've been looking in that dept and didn't see any of those Juicy ones, I'll look again in a few days! I always love all the beach stuff this time of year :)


    1. The Juicy bathing suits get picked up first I'm sure! Hopefully yours will have some, I really love the powder blue color. :D

  2. I am SO ready for summer!! I love everything you found...especially the fun decor!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

    1. Oh goodness, summer can't come soon enough! Thanks for stopping by today Jackie! x-Franci

  3. Replies
    1. OMG that's right! I forgot about your Hawaii trip! Let me know if you need any help shopping!