Thursday, April 17, 2014

Zara: Feeling Pretty Under $30

Ever since Zara opened up at Westfield Valley Fair mall I make a point to drop in each visit. 
I'm super addicted, but you know I like my deals.

First up, a little outfit that would be perfect for Easter activities this weekend or a BBQ party.

AND it will have you "Feeling Pretty Under $30"!

1. Top with Frilly Sleeve $29.90
2. Soft Clutch in Sea Green $29.90
3. Shorts with Side Frill in Greens $25.90
4. Block Heel Ballerina in Salmon $25.99

I also spotted the new arrivals from Zara and Zara Trafaluc in-store and just had to share the one's that are all under $30 for your shopping pleasure.

A collection of awesome large clutches, that say what we are all thinking. 
Hello-$29.90! It's a steal for  a dupe of the runway versions.

I love these bright colors together for the summer.
The high waisted cobalt shorts are a must. I bought these to wear with the shorter boxy cut shirts that are all the rage right now. I feel like the high waisted aspect balances out the look.

Pretty and soft tees for $19.90. 

This one made me LOL. They ran out of smalls in-store! Gah!
But they are in-stock online...Printed T

Cute tees under $10!

Love these tropical graphic tees. And they are linen, very easy breezy for the summer.

Pretty in pink for cocktail hour. This calls for the high waisted shorts!

Bonsoir...perfect bag for after hour events.

Super cute neoprene like crop tops. Beach friendly and water balloon fight proof!

What's on your shopping list this weekend?


  1. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. A new Zara just opened in downtown Seattle. Can't wait to check it out.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

    1. No problem girlie! Ooo how fun, you are going to love it too.


  2. Always love a Zara shopping trip and love that last peplum top! I tried to take pics of some of those clutches, but they just weren't coming out right, Zara to me is one of the trickiest places to take pics because of the lighting, so great job on your post, I'm hoping hoping to get to Zara this weekend, the one store that isn't at my mall, boo!! ;-)


    1. OMG you are so right! LOL. It's so dark in there and the light shines and shadows pop up in odd places. So thanks! I try! ;D Heheh, you almost had it all at your home/mall too. But for reals, I want one of those clutches, I couldn't believe they are so cheap! -Franci