Monday, April 21, 2014

Tickled Pink

I noticed I was having a pink moment over the weekend. 
So I ran with it, especially since there's no escaping my love for pops of pink,
 be it in treats, nail polish or in any fashion really!
This was my first time baking M&M's cookie, it won't be the last. 
Pastel pink is a true feast for the eyes. Even better in cookie formation. 

Capturing the essence of the Easter Bunny aka Marc Jacobs phone case. I used three Butter London nail lacquers: Snog, Slapper and a dash of Leccy sponged onto the tips.
I was going for that dipped in dye Easter Egg look.

I had fun adding dashes of pink in my #OOTD.
Light pink lips, J'adorable Peter Som for Kohl's tee and my favorite handbag-Kate Spade NY.

Head over heels with pink.
Even taking a break I can't escape that color palette.
I'm tickled pink with this pastel set of "Saks Fifth Avenue Black"polishes I scored for FREE from the Off 5th Outlet on Saturday. The promo was buy one get two free, so I picked up a few headbands while I was at it, very Gossip Girl inspired.

I know it's not Wednesday, but I still wear pink. ;)


  1. Love seeing the weekend pics and every time I see that Kate Spade bag, I kick myself for not getting it...I think it was years ago right?! It's just the perfect color and style. I finally got my Peter Som tee and other haul items, Lol. Can't wait to wear everything!


    1. :D Yes, I got it almost 4 years ago, it still looks brand new! You know what's surprising is they still sell it! I saw it at the previous KSNY online sale. It really is my favorite bag! Ooo Peter Som goodies! How fun!