Sunday, February 9, 2014

Playing Dress Up: Peter Pilotto for Target

It's that time again! I made it to Target today at 7:35am and I was first in line to shop Peter Pilotto for Target. That should be a red flag right? Followed by a few more girls 5 mins later, there was hardly a fight for the clothes. I had my pick of anything I wanted to try in my size. I was disappointed that my location did not have the white/black sunglasses that I was craving. But found a few things on my list to try.

peter pilloto for target
Me and my girl @FashionChicsta were posting a bit in the dressing room, make sure to check out her size and quality reviews on her Instagram too as well as mine @TheFashionPalate!
peter pilloto for target
I love playing dress up and I hope this helps you make a decision in case you are shopping the Peter Pilotto for Target online at Target or Net-A-Porter today. 

For sizing reference I'm 5'3 and wear XS, Size 25 pants. 
Everything I tried on was a size 2 or XS.

Playing Dress Up:

peter pilloto for target floral stripe top

peter pilloto for target top-green floral stripe print, pant black check print 

These both made it on my list, the floral was my fave from the get go and the pants I just lusted for yesterday. I have to say I am on the fence with the pants. They were a thin material like polyester, and I'm just not used to my pants being a t-shirt odd! But they are cute, fit is nice a little loose on the thighs, and cute ankle length. I passed on the pants, but the top was perfect! So cute, and will go with jeans, pants, shorts, skirts tucked in or left out. Versatile to the max and TTS (True to Size).

This was on my list. While it was very soft, fleece on the inside, much like the NMxT sweater, the print was a teensy stiff but nothing that would bother me. I like it but I wasn't committed only because I have like 50 grey sweaters in my closet right now..but for clearance I may come back for it. TTS.

peter pilloto for target colorblock blazer

 While it kind of appears to fit right on me, it really was two sizes to big on the shoulders!
It is a really cute color block blazer and has great style but not worth it to tailor. The pockets aren't functional either. That's a whomp whomp.
Here's a close up of the detail of the bottom half has a pebbled texture. 
I would size down on this if you can.

peter pilloto for target shirt dress
I like the fit and the colors but something about it...I passed. It would look better with black tights. At the neck the black & white pattern is actually lace and the rest of it is polyester. It's TTS.


This was on my list. However, I'm not loving the bottom print section, looks cheaper in person, but from far away it looks chic. I wish this was a stretchy body con skirt and not a stiff cotton. It is also very tight on the waist, and you have to wear it high-waisted or else it just won't fit. Maybe size up to be safe. This was pretty snug for me and there's not much give.

peter pilloto for target cardigan
Totally cute cardigan with mesh sleeves and back but the price is not right.
This is def. clearance worthy.
TTS, sits at waist line.

This Crisscross dress did not make me Jump! Jump! (yeah I made that reference.)
Oops a bit blurry! My phone brightness setting was set on low so I couldn't tell what I was doing, lol.
You can see that the top around the chest is wrapped and gathered. Kind of interesting, like the colors, but this is so not me. The material is soft and t-shirt like, stretchy and comparable to the PLxTarget cheetah print long sleeve dress. TTS.


This little frilly thing is very cute. I like it and this is my favorite color combo out of the line. Who doesn't like stripes and floral for spring? But, the material is cheap and not worth the price point. Keep your eye on clearance. TTS. No stretch.
I'm looking sleepier and sleepier! I had a long night of selling of cupcakes but anyway back to the skirt. Cute but hard to wear. Not my style and I don't like the color and prints. It reminds me of those skorts we used to wear in the 90s except there's no shorts underneath this. Meh. It's is TTS.


These shorts are ridic. Nothing about them is good. I'm not going to lie. High-waisted, huge flare at the bottom. Makes my tiny legs look even tinier. It's just wrong. I think this would only look good on Beyonce, tiny waist, bigger thighs. UGH. And the back has the blue print, it's like diapers or boxers. I had a good laugh at least. ;)

peter pilloto for target slip on shoe
Ahhhhhh shoes! They were too cute to pass up. I got a size 7 since they only run in full sizes. I'm usually a size 7.5 so if you are a halfer, go down the size. They were perfect. There's cushion on the ankles, sooo comfy! 

What I came home with. 

Did you shop the PPxTarget Collection? What were your favorites or least favorites?


  1. Your picks were cute! I thought the sweatshirt was really cute on you too! definitely get that if it goes on clearance!

    1. Thanks Journey! I had the sweatshirt in my basket, but at the last min put it back. I'm going to hunt it down in 3 weeks for markdowns :D

  2. We're almost the same size / height, and I ordered online so thanks for the preview. :)
    You picked my 2 favorites but let's see if it fits as well on me. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    Happy Sunday. xx Jennie

    1. You are most welcome, I'm so glad this helped you decide. I have a good feeling about the green/floral stripe blouse, it looks good on everyone! ;) Looking forward to seeing what you got Jennie!

  3. I'm a little disappointed after seeing this collection in person, I think the skirts are great, but a lot of the other pieces didn't work well on me.

    Loved the sunglasses & blazers though!


  4. (Okay, I had to delete my first post because I am spelled "review" wrong twice...either fast typing or I am too tired)

    Great review and pics as usual - I just love reading what your thoughts are too! It kills me I have to wait so long to read it, I never want it to taint my review and I am always curious if we shared the same opinions and ummm, yes of course we do ;-) My stores didn't carry the blazer, I just wanted to see it, so at least I got to see your pic :) I am a true 7 for the most part and luckily those fit and they were fully stocked. Can't wait for the next collab ;-)