Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Playing Dress Up: Ambar at Target

I first noticed this new brand Ambar at Target while I was shopping the Peter Pilotto for Target launch. I was like, what is the cuteness?! The materials were more impressive than a lot of the Peter Pilotto stuff! While still very colorful and full of print, these were designed for the Latina in mind...but really anyone and everyone should try it on. I just happen to be Mexican, so why not.

Still I wouldn't wear most of this on the daily, but for the more daring these are really cute clothes! But that's what the fitting room is for, maybe I'll change my mind and go home with that floral print dress (um gorgeous!).

These pants are way to cute, I'd rather see them on other people than myself though. 
I could wear the skirt though!
Aztec like print Jumper.
Tropical birds!

Very Miami right?

Muy caliente!

Love this dress on the hanger, but it didn't fit me. :(

And then I tried on a few for the fun of it!
Plus it may help you decide if you are shopping online what you like or don't.

For reference I tried on XS, S in tops & dresses, Size 2 and 4 in Skirts, Size 2 in Pants.

4. Jumper

Look 1 didn't fit, too loose in the shoulders and it's the smallest size, Love look 2&3! The dress is a bit tight so you may size up. I'm liking this classier version of the crop top too. Look 4, the no! Just not my style of print but I like the fit.

1. See crop top link above & Pointe Skirt
2. Bird Crop Top & Pointe Skirt w/Mesh.
4. Bird print pant & Jersey Tank (see above)

Can you tell which two I like most? 
Look 1, yes to everything, the blue skirt is a size 4 and fits great while the top I also tried the size S and was really cute, although I might get the XS.
Look 2 is alright, everything fits nicely the skirt is a cotton stretch with turquoise mesh. 
Look 3, Love. The floral skirt is perfect and very thick material with stretch. The tank is also very soft and has a cute cheetah print along the back.
Look 4, nah, the pants don't fit, it's a size 2, size 2's at Target never fit me. 

Have you tried Ambar at Target yet? Anything catch your eye?
P.s. Everything is on sale right now, click my shopping affiliate links to check it out.


  1. I really do love this collection...even more when it goes on clearance :D It's funny this is suppose to be for Latinas, this gringo likes it too, Lol. Like you said, everyone should try it out. I can't believe you don't like the jumper on yourself, it's so cute!! (maybe just a busy/loud print, although I don't think so) Actually everything looks good on you, it makes me want to pick up a few pieces to try on, loving this verion of the crop top too, that's high on my list from this line and I loved the detail on the tank too. I hope they continue with new items for Ambar and it sells well, I would love to see a Fall collection!


    1. Isn't that funny Tracy? I don't think Target NEEDS to make a line only for one race, kind of odd! Hah, yeah more to love when it's on clearance! The tank right now is $15! It was so soft, really like it. I've been wanting a jumper, if it was solid in cobalt or navy I would be all over it! The crop top was my favorite, and the blue skirt.