Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Givenchy vs F21. Chic for Cheap. Paris Style.

Who else dreams of Paris Fashion Week? It's such an exciting time of the year, this week with NYFW and then the runways of Paris in late Feb-March.

I was skimming Parisian street style recently, I came upon this fab photograph of Joan Smalls (Top Puerta Rican Fashion Model) wearing a floral Givenchy moto jacket. 

givenchy floral bker jacket street style
Photograph credit: Diego Zuko, from
Effortless, chic, and a bit of where do I get that?! 
The epitome of street style in Paris, with a girly edge.

givnechy floral biker jacket joan smalls

And since I'm a savvy shopper, you won't find me heading over to Givenchy and requesting one of those biker jackets...only in my dreams! ;) I believe that the everyday woman should be able to be trendy while saving money for more important things, like shoes or bills or whatever! So what's a budget friendly fashion blogger to do? Find the look for less of course.

And I did.

Lo, and behold.

forever 21 rose moto jacket
A Forever 21 Rose Moto Jacket on sale for $27.99!
c'est magnifique!

Chic for Cheap.
 Would you rather pay $5,645 for Givenchy or the sale price tag of $27.99 for the F21 version?
forever 21 floral moto jacket givenchy
That's a silly question.

I'm actually entering this blog post to try and win a trip to Paris Fashion Week 2014 & be a guest editor for fashion website! There's also some sweet jewelry to be won from Diamondere, just the icing on the cake.
Fingers crossed-cupcakes frosted.

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I would love you forever...


btw I had to try it on! 

Shop the look:


  1. Such a great find - F21 does the best affordable versions of everything! The jacket matches your outfit/scarf too :)
    Can't believe you could actually win a trip to Paris AND some frosting ;-) This is all so exciting!!


    1. They really do! And I must say the quality was actually really nice, like it felt good, warm and looks stylish. Thanks, I thought the scarf kind of went with it too!
      This would literally be a once in lifetime chance to go to Paris Fashion Week. So I have to try my best! Thanks for all your support Tracy. xo-Franci

  2. Great dupe! I love the muted colors in the f21 version.


    1. Thanks Elissa! I prefer it too actually, and I like the snug fit! xo-Franci

  3. Replies
    1. Glad you agree Danielle! A floral moto jacket is great to transition from winter to spring. xo-Franci

  4. Great post. Loved it and love the floral jacket. I hope you with the trip to Paris.

    1. Thank you Lindsay, that is so sweet to say. :) xo-Franci

  5. love it

    Want to follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin, FB and Twitter? Love
    New Post Fashion Talks

    1. Definitely Sandy! Following you on all of the above, vote for me! ;)

  6. Nice tip :D

    The Cutielicious