Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Target Home Chic

Ever since my big move into my new home, I've been wanting to really chic up my living space.
And Target has just the things I need!

Nate Berkus Target Gold decor
 I'm loving all the new Spring 2014 Nate Berkus collection.
Gold everything!

Nate Berkus gold turtle shell decor box
 Gold turtle shell decor box.
I really want this, I'll wait for clearance though.
nate berkus for target gold lamp base
 How about this gold lamp base? It's pretty pricey but it's niiiiice.

Don't forget to check out all the new markdowns. 
The clearance finds are amazing right now!

Taken from my Instagram @thefashionpalate
  I recently picked up this white serving tray for $9.98! Was $29.99.
I had my eye on it since I first spotted it at Target. Glad I waited it out.

 I found the tray jackpot!
As you can see in this picture it comes in red & black too.
This particular location had the black and white tile tray and some really fabulous decor boxes.

Target fox serving tray
There's also a few of these wooden trays with rustic golden foxes on the handles.
Same price of $9.98.

Threshold Target Fox Wine Accent set
And to go with the Threshold Fox bar set, there's this cool wine accessory 3 piece Fox set. 
It's only $3.88!
I had to have one. 
What do you think of the decor? What was the last thing you bought on clearance at Target?


  1. You really did hit the shopping clearance jackpot at Target! My clearance stuff is so random and just a piece here and there and did I mention I've been to several Target stores of course and it's been the same at all of them. I seriously can't believe all the trays at your store, there were never that many at regular price for me. You chose the best time to move, you are saving a ton on so many chic items!! Still fun to see all the clearance finds :)


    1. LOL! I can't believe no one else is finding these trays? But I really did find the jackpot at this Target in San Jose. There was another Target I went to on Sunday which didnt have as many of the white trays, instead they had a handful of the fox ones.

  2. Probably some piece of clothing on clearance. Though I am really liking the wood tray and the foxes. Very cute and rustic looking. Though I'm sure Eric would not approve. He's already side eying my le creuset purchases.