Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sephora Finds of the Ciate Kind & Pantone.

I love having a day off and taking my time browsing the new and sale selections at my favorite stores. I recently stopped by Sephora..because I'm a beauty makeup hoarder obviously, and I wanted to see what's new in nails.

I noticed a lot of great new nail sets by Ciate!

The dolls house collection is $25 for all 5 minis. What makes it new? It has a porcelain finish! Very doll like and the pastels are right on for spring. I loooove these french macaron hues. :)
 And more Ciate! There's sooo many it's crazy. The fun part is that now you can choose 3 of your faves (any 3!!). Mix and match to create your custom kit. There's a lot of options and it's only $18.

 This polish "Comic Strip" goes in my imaginary set. It's soooo cool and pop art is always fun. You could really do a lot of nail art with this, match it up with a blue matte color and outline your nail in black, instant pop art. How about the shade "Beam Me Up"? The rose and gold flakes are HUGE.

This always makes it to my imaginary shopping cart. Bada bing...."Bada-Bloom" I'll be buying this soon! Comes in a pink shade too with these individual flower art you can place on your nail as you please. Once again sooo good for spring!

Have you tried the tester nail strips at Sephora? So much fun.

The tester shade? Marc Jacobs "Oui!"
Not totally nail related but I scored a great deal while I was there.

Sephora + Pantone Universe select items are on major sale. There was nail polish (see, kind of on topic), lipstick in a mother of pearl shade, and eyeshadows to choose from for $10.

Oh and there was this...

Illuminzer Primer in Snow White.

And Swatches, because either your already asked or I know you will ask! ;)

Iridescent mother of pearl shimmer, comes up with a hint of pink on my skin tone.


  1. I saw the dollhouse set online and had it my cart, it looks so cute! (of course my store didn't have it a few days ago, boo!). I also have never seen the nail strip testers, and confirming that all of my stores suck :-p The primer looks so pretty and reminds me of the Benefit high beam, although that's not a primer it has a similar pearl like color. I'll hunt it down at one of my 5 stores, I really want to try it. Thanks for sharing all the beauty arrivals :)


    1. It's such a cute set Tracy! No nail polish test station at yours? UGH. That's lame. They are so convenient, no need to paint over a manicure anymore. Ooo you are right about the Benefit high beam! I had a bad reaction to that one though. Good luck, I hope you find it. :)