Friday, January 10, 2014

Julep Mind Your Mani

A good manicure treatment is always in order, especially when you constantly change your nail polish like every few days (like myself!). And what lady doesn't love pampering herself? 

I recently received this "Mind Your Mani" Julep Nail & Cuticle Makeover Kit as a gift. It is available to buy on sale right now at Julep's online shop. 
It's quiet the deal. You get 3 full sized products, the Oxygen Nail Treatment, Freedom polymer Top Coat, Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum and 3 nail Moisture Masks sets for both hands.

 I previously traded in 100 Sephora VIB pts for the Freedom Polymer Top Coat, so I already knew it works wonders. It makes your manicure last longer, dries in about 5 mins with no smudges (none at all!) and has the effect of a gel top coat, super shiny. (To view the topcoat, see post here).
  I love the Mighty serum pen, one click is enough for both hands.
I had a night to myself with reruns. I've been catching up with What Not To Wear, so 30 mins hands free was not a problem. Although it did make me antsy and look weird.
 And this guy getting all up in everything. 
 And for fun I added extra moisture from a Red Carpet Manicure Youth Creme since it's award season! A product I got in my Allure Beauty Box last December (See post here). I can use this daily to improve my dry hands and cuticles and at the same time it's enhanced with Goji berry and Bearberry for smoother, younger looking hands.
You can buy it at Ulta $14.99.
Here are my hands before.
 And after using the masks, serum & red carpet creme.
 And completed with  the Oxygen Nail Treatment.

I have to say I'm a fan. The treatment has a nice light tint and very shiny, much like the polymer topcoat. I'm leaving this on for 2 days to let my nails breathe. Hopefully I will notice less peeling and nail breakage. Not that I have much, but you know!

BTW if you cant seem to keep your fingers off your technological devices for 30 mins, no worries they dont interefere with touch screen devices or scrolling.

Haha this picture scares me.


  1. Love this set and umm, I forget to even try that cuticle cream from our Allure box...duh and I really need it. OMG those little fingers wraps are so strange - esp that pic with the computer, but if they work that is awesome. I'm also not used to seeing your nails w/o polish, they look very fresh for the new year :)


  2. How interesting.
    A.) are they biodegradable?
    B.) is it an oxygenation treatment? You're nails and finger tips look great.

    1. Here's a link to answer your questions Nancy!