Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ipsy Glam Bag: January 2014 & Dec. 2013.

Long overdue, but I JUST received my Ipsy January 2014 Glam Bag in the mail yesterday!
It was sent to my old previous address (even though I updated it before I even moved so this wouldn't much for that!) so they had to send a new one over.

I read a lot of the January reviews and people were NOT happy, to say the least.
I was really expecting the worse. I heard about the makeup bags being the smelliest (It is cute though! See photo above.) and the products being sample sized, or just leftovers.

While I dont know if they were leftovers, I was OK with my bag overall.


Enclosed was a card to write down my reason why 2014 will be amazing.
More cupcake baking in my new & spacious kitchen was an obvious reason ;)
We are pratically though with the first month of the year but I feel like I've acomplished a lot already!
Moving in my first home, my 31st (eeps!?) birthday, baking and cooking new recipes and making more BIG plans for this year.

Back to the bag.
5 products total, 8 if you count all the Proactiv face products.
I'm def happy this time I didn't get any more lipsticks. The last few have not been my faves.
What I got:
Sexy Hair, Healthy Sexy Hair soy tri-wheat leave in conditioner. 
Verdict: 5/5 loves. It smells like coconut and leaves your hair soft.
Elizabeth Mott, Smooth Shadow in Pearl.
Verdict: 3/5 loves. I was surprised it actually glides on smooth and stays put all day. It was not budging.
MICABeauty, tinted lip balm in Fiesta.
Verdict: 1/5 loves. While it was very smooth, it doesnt last long and unfortunately this shade matches my natural lip color, so what's the point? I may as well wear chapstick.
Proactiv+ Mark fading pads.
Verdict: N/A. I haven't tried it. I'm not sure if I will yet, I need to make sure it wont interact badly with my use of Rentin-A right now. 
Epice, Purifying Exfoliant.
Verdict:5/5. I tried in on my hand and it is very light, Micro-fine polyspheres were not abrasive at all. Gentle enough, I would use this once a week to exfoliate. Full size retails $32! This is my fave product in my bag.

 Close ups:

Swatches of (top) Elizabeth Mott Pearl and (bottom) MicaBeauty Fiesta .
Epice Swatch. Hard to notice but my hand was a lot smoother and soft looking after.

I'm hanging in there. I'm hoping the subscribers voices were heard and February proves to be a better Ipsy Bag.

And because I never got around to posting it (it arrived super late, and I was in the middle of moving by then), here's my December 2013 glam bag!
I've only tried the Signature by English Laundry scents Femme & Homme, both smell REALLY good. Obviously I prefer Femme ;) It smells sweet. The NYX lipstick is not really for me, but I haven't tried it so you never know.

If you are interested in joining its only $10 a month.  
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What did you think of this months Ipsy Glam bag?


  1. Glad your bag didn't suck like mine, especially since it's your Birthday month! The products you rec'd were pretty good compared to the rest of the crap they sent out. I also like the eypencil color they send you, so pretty, mine is a hideous copper-reddish-brown, yuck. Even though I am a lip junkie, I haven't been impressed with the products they have sent out. Here's hoping Feb is a good one! (or else I'm cancelling for sure!)


    1. :P Yeah your bag looked a little sparse. People were so upset. And mad about Proactiv products too, since you can't buy them individually. I didn't even use any of my products from Dec, except or the perfumes! Have you? I'm noticing a big pile up of products. I will wait to see what Feb has to offer. But then again $10 isn't that bad.