Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy Everything! *Sneak Peek Home Decor

Hey loyal readers, and new readers! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday/Christmas, parties and enjoying time with family and friends. I also want to wish you all a Happy New Year. On top of all these celebrations (my birthday included-yeah Capricorns!) I moved into my first home!

Guest Bathroom Inspiration: 5 Star Hotel. H&M Home Candle.
So this year while my blog stays true to sharing my baking creations/latest events in San Jose, Ca and always sharing a fab deal whether it be beauty, fashion or home decor finds. Fittingly I will bring you even more Home Inspiration while staying true to a budget.

I've also wanted to share a few sneak peeks of how my decor is coming along. My rooms are unfinished still but I couldn't wait to show you. It will be fun to return to this post with before and after photos. Oh and when I get around to unpacking the DSLR...hehe forgive the iPhone snaps.

Gotta love a cat tree! LOL! Any ideas of what to put above the fireplace? Not sure what to do with that rectangle space yet!

Cost Plus Tufted sofa with H&M throw pillows (bought during a sale under $5 a piece!)
Me and my hubby's first grownup/home purchase (besides the home itself) was the living room decor. I dreamed of a chic yet cozy and playful straight-out-of-a-catalog look. And now I finally get to play interior decorator. I found the perfect couch set from Cost Plus World Market and on sale, naturally. 

Three brand new pieces for just under 1,200 is a pretty good deal in my book. Not to mention, for every $200 spent you get a $10 reward and if you a Explorer member you get a $10 reward for your Bday. I'm up to $60 in World Market Explorer rewards now, which means more $ to spend on decor!

One of the first places we set up...the bar cart. Don't judge!

My furbaby Causie has conquered the cat walk.
It took me and the hubs about um 6 years of drinking and 2 hours of crafting to deck this letter out with corks but it can be done! And it was fun and we felt like...well G's afterwards. 

It's cool because while we were gluing them down, we would remember when or where we had the wine or champagne bottle at. Such a clever conversation piece.

The real reason I haven't posted, too busy drinking wine so I could make this cork letter..ONLY KIDDING!

I've also been captivated by my walk in closet. Also known as the best thing ever. 
I took this photo in the middle of my closet, so there are more racks and shelves 
than what is seen here.

I'm not done with it yet, as these things cost $. 
I need more hangers, a few more shelves, a shoe shelf, chandelier and an ottoman and I'll be done.

But in the meantime here are my favorite spaces in the closet so far.

Sunnie/Watch drawer. It's nice to see the options and then grab and go.

My Statement (aka too big to fit in my jewelry mirror case) piece drawer.
Hope you enjoyed the pics and got a little inspiration for your own home. So please forgive me, I haven't posted in a while as you can see why. :D Life has been crazy, but in a good way. While the last week of December may seem like a hectic time to move for most, it's actually very rewarding. 

Who doesn't love a good end of the year/new year home sale?!

Shop the Tufted Sofa, Chair and Ottoman up to 50% off sale at Cost Plus World Market 
Free Shipping when you spend $150 w/code WMFS1502.

Shop H&M home online and get 25% off one item w/code 6428, plus free shipping w/code 1341.


  1. AhMayZing!
    I love the G!
    And the jewelry drawers, so genius!

    1. Thanks Nancy! I was pretty happy about the use of the drawers, I must've seen it somewhere!


  2. Replies
    1. It's like a shopping experience every time I get dressed. :)
      Annnd Mr. Causeway says...thanks but no thanks to Mr. Ruckus! MEOW!

  3. I don't know where to start, everything looks amazing!! The wine cork project came out so good and the sunnie and jewelry drawers are fabulous..such a dream :) Well, gotta run now and shop H&M home ;-)


    1. Awe thanks! It's so nice to have a place for all my stuff now! :D Happy Shopping! I forgot to mention you could use the codes for anything at H&M, not only home. Ciao!

  4. House looks gorgeous! I love the colours and textures. And what a fantastic idea with the cork!


    1. Thank you Aleksandra. The cork diy was such a fun project, you should make one too! xo-Franci

  5. Ah I love all the light space entering your living room! And the sofas look so comfy. I especially like the teal piece :) As for the rectangle space over the mantle, if you haven't already decided what to put there, I suggest a large framed photo of you and your man whether it be a wedding photo etc. Or a painting that speaks to both of you :) And I am so jealous of your closet!! Want to come over to my place and redesign, tell me what I need for my closet? hahaha. Can't wait to see the finished poject :)

    1. Thanks lovely! Great ideas! You know I would totally come over and do a closet makeover with you! Tell me when! ;)