Monday, December 16, 2013

Mani Monday: Julep $1 BF Score!

One of my favorite scores on Black Friday/Cyber weekend sale was this nail polish by Julep.
With two colors to choose from for only $1 total shipped (you could only purchase one) I went with this stunning blue shade called Kai. It's usually a $14 nail polish, you can buy it here:

I love that the polishes come with a handy little swatch area on top of the lid.
It was screaming to swatch it, so I obliged.


The color is a beautiful bright sea blue. It matches spot on to the color of the bottle.
In this photo you can see the sea salt texture. It's a nice touch and doesn't scratch of feel bothersome at all.

It's so bright!
The polish is also good for you & the environment (4Free).
P.s. It claims to be "chip resistant" I find this true, it lasted (w/no top coat) for about 6 days!

I got a little playful and added some crazy rings I scored at H&M. How fun is that gold nail ring?!



  1. I don't know how I missed the Julep BF deal -I Love this color - you chose well and I seriously want all of those rings, they look so good on you!!


    1. Hm! I posted it the morning of, I bet your were out shopping with the crowds by then!
      It was a close tie, the other color was a lavender which looked really pretty but I'm always a sucker for blue. ;)