Monday, December 9, 2013

Mani Monday: Butter London Double Take Ice Duo

I picked up this Ice Duo lacquer set by Butter London at the previous Holiday Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show. I've been wanting a deep navy blue color for awhile and getting a brilliant new overcoat with it was the icing on the cake.

The Ice Duo set is from the Double Take collection, these two polishes can be worn on their own or together creating a crazy galactic manicure.

Two coats of Bluecoat & Leccy. It glistens & glows. 
It's very festive and perfect for winter. 
So very Ice Princess.

Two Coats of Bluecoat on its own. An opaque shimmering navy. 
This is my new favorite shade from this brand

2 coats of Leccy Overcoat. Sheer blue opal flecks. 
Leccy is British slang for electricity. My pictures don't do it justice. I was having a hard time capturing how electric it looks with the sunlight. The overcoat has little flecks that glow, almost holographic.

Coincidentally Butter London has begun their 8 Days of Cheer starting today! There will be special offers each of these days. Today's deal is a Six piece Holiday Illusionists Collection including three Overcoats that will transform your nail polish shades. I actually have one of the holiday overcoats called Stratford Honey, I'll be trying it out soon too.

What did you think of the Ice Duo manicure? 
It's $24, you can shop it here: Ice Duo
Even better, it's on sale at Ulta Beauty right now for $19. Ice Duo

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  1. Truly stunning colors!! I love them both and I can see the holographic detail, it's just so cool!! This look would also work so well for New Years :)