Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Make Up For Ever, Ever?

Over the weekend, Make Up For Ever in Westfield Valley Fair mall had an awesome beauty brunch.
I was invited by Tobey (@tornadita) the Head Make Up Artist at this location. She holds weekly classes, and they are only $25 and you really do learn a ton! Getting a 20% discount on products after is just a tiny perk compared to all that you will learn from the masters of makeup.

This was event with treats & champs.

Attention to detail with the Make Up For Ever personalized water labels. How cute!

And two beauty lessons!

This was my very first makeup class like EVER. 
And trust me, I needed this session. Two lessons of which I've been struggling with.

 The lessons, how to create a fuller symmetrical and long lasting lip and a winged eye. Although mine appeared more cat eye, since I'm such a scaredy cat to make a really dramatic wing! LOL.

We got a really useful step by step manual on how to create the perfect lip. We take face serious.
You will have to attend a class to see the full manual though! ;) 
But I will share a few steps that are vital! 

Step 1 is important. This Lip Line Perfector pencil is used to draw an outline around your lips.
It will keep your lipstick from going all over the place. That's my best explanation. Hah!

Tobey is demonstrating Step 3. Start from the cupids bow, the top curve part of your lip, then head over to the corners, pulling the line UP! Drawing up the lip will make your pout look fuller. 

The whole class decided that using the Moulin Rouge Red lip was the way to go!

 Gotta have a great brush to apply that lipstick, it will give you more control.

Tobey is dabbing HD Concealer around the lip just to further enhance the lip.

 All about the winged eye!

Tobey is now using the Bent Eye Liner 260 brush to create that wing affect on Nancy Lee (@fashionchicsta).
We also used Aqua Black Cream Eye Shadow for the eyeliner.

 Taking breaks in between drawing the line to clean off the brush.

Hello Gorgeous indeed!

Here we all are modeling the final look.
I must say my red lip lasted ALL day...well until dinner. Even after that I still had enough color left on my lip. The same goes for the eyeliner. Usually I get those horrible smudge lines above my eyelid crease or the winged portion disappears. Not this time. 

Have you ever taken a beauty class? What's the best lip or eye trick of the trade you have?
Please do share in the comments! 

P.s. I attempted the look on my own, again.
I'm addicted.
 After I purchase the bent eyeliner brush I'll try the dramatic wing I PROMISE.


  1. I was just reading the "how to's", this is awesome to see all the tips and I love the red lip and your semi-winged liner, LOL. I am the same as you, I really need to practice at home more! I've also never had a formal make-up lesson and I don't think the girls at the MAC counter for a few minutes count. Love the dessert and water bottle details too :)