Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gift Guide: For the Baker & featuring World Market

Now that the whole Pre Black Friday, BF, Small business Saturday & Cyber Monday madness is over we can get started with the Gift Guides...oh wait, this just in...
"Extended Cyber Monday" is a now new thing. 
 No more, no more! LOL. J/k it's all good, I'll take savings throughout the year. 
But the gift guide must go on!

Most of you already know this is if you are an avid follower of me on FB, Instagram, Twitter and here, but I'm BIG on baking. It's my job basically and I flipping love it. The smell of French macarons baking, the whipped frosting in the air, rainbow sprinkles rolling off the counters, my kind of kitchen. 

Here's a Gift Guide handpicked by a baker for The Baker in your life:
*Note, I tried to keep it all under $25, but those darn Measuring Cubs are so stinkin cute. 
Who can argue with that?

1. Bakers Twine $5.99 at GroopDealz
2. Buttercream Mint 3 wick candle $20 at Bath & Body Works
3. The Bakers Necklace (pastry bag charm) by Shmrita $24.99 on Etsy
4. Measuring Cubs (egad SO cute!) $38.99 from Anthropologie
5. Bakery Linen Cushion $17.95 from H&M home
6. Cupcake Apron $5.95 from H&M home
7. Novelty Head Bands $4.99 at GroopDealz
8. Vintage Cakes Book $24.99 from Cost Plus World Market
9. Cake Stands $9.99 from H&M home

And because one gift guide simply is not enough here's the latest baking treasures I found while shopping at World Market. 

I previously bought the cutest scalloped pink cookie tin "Let Them Eat Cookies." 
I love the vintage inspired designs on the bake ware. Check it out.

 Holiday themed rolling pins & sifter.

 Holiday themed Bakers Twine.
 great for wrapping gifts and decorating mason jars or cookie bags.

 Totally retro baking tools. 
I love the scalloped mint green cookie jar.

 Vintage timer. 
Gives your stove top a vintage vibe.

 Perfect for hauling around your cake and pies this season.

 I love this book for cake inspiration.
The simplistic frosting decoration and delicious recipes are divine.

 This is a GREAT idea.
Who else hates it when your brown sugar turns rock hard? 
I use mine up pretty fast now though...LOL.

 I think you need them both. Cookie Stamps.
Home Made & Made with Love.
Just stating the obvious!

If you plan on shopping the baking deals at Cost Plus World Market you should take advantage of the 20% off coupon, online code: CYBERSAVE which expires 12/3.

What baking gift is your favorite?


  1. Oh my gosh, everything is just too cute and I'll be going back for that owl to put in my brown sugar (I actually need something for that!) I can't believe the cupcake apron is only $6! Cost Plus has the cutest vintage style stuff, I love it!!


    1. I never knew a brown sugar saver existed! I have to get one too, so clever. They baking section gets me in trouble. :D

  2. I love the cake stand! <3 Next time H&M has free shipping, I'm getting it!



    1. I'm starting to collect cake stands and this is one is very affordable. I'll post a pic on Instagram when mine comes in so you can see how it looks in real life. :)

  3. I am totally not a baker, but I sure do love all these cooking accessories!!


    1. There's a lot to love about them! And great way to add a cool vintage feel to your kitchen.

  4. I love the retro baking tools and next I love the vintage cookbook.


    1. I think we are all big fans of that vintage cookbook, the cakes are just too pretty! Thanks for checking out my gift guide Lindsay!