Wednesday, November 6, 2013

TFP Cupcakes & Sweets: A Halloween Carnival!

In October I vended at a very fun Halloween Carnival event in San Jose,Ca.
I combined the two themes and created a few new flavors of Cupcakes & French Macarons  to add to the TFP Cupcakes & Sweets menu for the night.

 The Halloween candy I feel sybolizes the holiday best? 
Candy Corn!

Here I made a vanilla sweet cake with candy corn frosting. My cupcake is dressed up as a Candy Corn for the nights festivities.

As a child I looked forward to going to carnivals. Why? Mainly because of the carnival food! 
I loved it. And I had an undying devotion to cotton candy. Especially of the pink variety. 

So I created this.

I must tell you this makes it to the top of  one of my favorite recipes ever. 
The cupcake & the frosting has that sweet smell & taste of fluffy cotton candy. 
And it's topped off with mini cotton candy pops.

Taste is always first. Presentation is also key.
I will toss out macarons and cupcakes if they arent up to par. 
I'm quite visual with the sweets that I eat so I feel I should present only the best to my customers.

I present you with....
Cotton Candy French Macarons in a Snow Cone.

 Pink light and chewy macaron with cotton candy butter cream on the inside.
The flavor is great in a snow cone version so that's why I went with this decor.

I had to dress up of course.
And what better to be than a cat? 
I have a black cat named "The Cookie" and he would give up one of his lives for a taste of frosting. 
So this cat ensemble was fitting for the occasion.

I had a very successfull night and was thrilled to hear feedback from my customers. 
Something about sweets just makes people happy!

If you live in the bay area, make sure to give me a holler. I'd love to bake something up for you.
See Contact or TFP tab for inquiring about baked goods orders.

Be sure to check back very soon for a new treat I whipped up in multiple berry flavors. 
Hint...tea time.


  1. I love seeing all of your amazing dessert creations - I think there should be a scratch 'n sniff somewhere on your page..make it happen, LOL. Your cat ensemble is purrrrfect..sorry I'm not very good with cat puns :D


    1. LOL at the "make it happen" comment! ;) Thank you Tracy!

  2. Oh yum! I love your creative flavors (cotton candy! Candy corn!) and you have definitely done a fabulous job with the presentation. I always admire people who can make their treats look so beautiful. I'll be stalking your blog to see what you pick up from Express this weekend and if you turn it into an outfit. :)

    On the Daily Express

  3. Awe thank you so much Daily Express. That means so much. I really try to put a lot of flavor and presentation into my cupcakes. :D I went to Express recently and pick up a black blazer with faux leather lapel for $34. LOVE finding great deals there. xo-Franci