Monday, November 18, 2013

Playing Dress Up: Isabel Marant x H&M

Nope, I didn't wait in line at my San Jose, CA H&M location at the crack of dawn last Thursday morning.  I didn't even shop online. I woke up, checked the website and was put in "queue" to wait my turn to shop, but I passed. Instead I went after work about 6pm in-store because I was curious as to what damaged was done to my beloved store, lol!

To my surprise there was one wall left split up in three sections of Men's, Women's and Kids. Boots, and accessories were among the remnants and just a few things left to try on in or around my size!

 I tried on 2's, 6's and 8's. But in H&M size I'm usually a 4, the collab stayed true to the H&M sizing (which runs small) for what I noticed.

I'm sure by now...5 days later  you might be lucky to find a few returns but don't count on it.

Playing Dress Up.

Jacquard Weave Skirt $79.95 and Bomber Jacket $149 
Sold Out.
There was still quite a few size 8 and 10's leftover from the chaos.
The skirt is actually quite cute, it's very poufy and I love the metallic richness.
The skirt wrapped around your waist with snap buttons two at one hip on the inside and two more at the other hip.

The Bomber jacket is something I wouldn't buy. Given the right girl and style this would look totally cool and chic. The bomber is lined in a printed silk material. 
Everything felt good, but not too much different than what is expected of H&M quality.

Size 6 skirt.

Kind of creates a tummy pouf thing right? Not sure that curve around the waist will be doing many favors to anyone. But I can be proven wrong.

No I'm not flashing you, I'm showing you the snaps on the inside of the skirt.

The Bomber

I feel kind of early 90s in this bomber. It's just not for me. 
Also I couldn't tell you what size I'm wearing (the price tag and size tags were all missing). 
My guess is it's an 8. 

 Silk Blouse $69.95
size 2
Sold Out

 This shirt wasn't even on my radar, but it's REALLY cute on. It's very light and delicate I would be too scared to wear it around the house because of cats. ;) I feel like I would get a snag in it so quick. So for $69.95 it's not worth the doom, but if it was normal H&M pricing I'd totally get it.

Ok honestly this was really tight since I usually wear a size 4 in tops at H&M, luckily it had this side zipper so I was able to squeeze. LOL.

I wish it was more affordable, I would make it work if the price was right.

And lastly (told you there wasn't many things left to try on in my size!)....

Silk Tank Top $69.95
Select Sizes still available at H&M online shop.

Very cool print and gold studs along the straps and hem. The gold is very striking but not blinding.

There are still items left but you have to search around for them, I found a wool beanie hidden on top of the mannequin display randomly. 

Cute place to jot down your ownership of one of the least expensive items in the collection $17.95! 
I did not get it though and thankfully did not selfie a pic of myself wearing was quite tragic on my head, too small I think!

You can still shop very few and select sizes of items from the collection online here: H&M Isabel Marant and if you are lucky (returns anyone?) in-store.

Share with me your experience shopping the collection in the comments below. 


  1. Thanks for playing dress up - loved at least seeing some of the pieces! I agree, the silk top is beautifuI ( so my style too), but even without cats, this girl would be too nervous to even wash it, lol. Also, ya, the bomber jacket reminds me of the 90s too, those pieces looked a bit poufy, the skirt is kind of cool though. So sad I didn't get anything from this collection, too bad the beanie didn't fit right, like you said the cheapest thing in the line. Ps. I see the bow dress hanging in the dressing room!!


    1. I thought you might spot the bow dress! I picked the wrong size thought so I couldn't selfie a pic :/. I agree, washing the silk shirt would be tragic!

  2. The silk top you tried on didn't even look that good on the hanger to me, but it looked fabulous on you! I can see why you wouldn't want to deal with the hassle, though. The tanks is very cool, too! I'm with you...I wouldn't be the waiting-in-line at 4 AM type so no shopping experience for this release to share, but it was fun living vicariously through you!

    On the Daily Express

    1. Totally agree Daily Express. I didn't like it in the promo photos or on the hanger but I thought I'd try it anyway. What a surprise! Yeah 4 am is a bit too early for me too. Thanks for reading!