Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Isabel Marant x H&M

[Insta Photo from yuuuuuuuuuyan]

It's almost time for the H&M designer collection of the year to debut tomorrow morning. 
Thursday Nov 14 at 8am PST and 12pm EST you can shop Isabel Marant x H&M in-store
and for the first time ever, online!
See the collection for Women, Men & Children here:

Read about the event launch party in NY c/o Racked here: Isabel MarantxH&M Shopping event

I was looking forward to checking out the collection...was...until I saw the prices. OUCH! 
The clothes really do look well made for what it's worth. I mean they are carrying leather, suede, silk & wool, typically not cheap items. People are saying that the line is very much like Marant's designer line but for less $ of course. But still not enough for me to invest in it.

I'm going to have to sit this one out.

In my pretend world here is the outfit I would totally get.

Waxed Biker Jean $129, T-shirt $34.95
I love this outfit head to toe!

Jacket $399

Silk Scarf $49.95

Wool Sweater $129

Metal Scarf $49.95

Let's just take a moment for the shoes.
Suede Shoes $199

Suede Boots $299

Will you be lining up or shopping online at 12am Thursday morning? 


  1. Great picks..if only!! I don't know why but I just love that B&W sweater, although it would probably be too heavy for me to get much use out of, you'd look cute in that outfit, too bad the prices are so high. I originally thought I would be ordering that necklace, thinking the price point would be around $30. Oh well, on to the next collab, lol.


    1. I liked that sweater a lot too! But I saw it on a few bloggers and it's ginormous! :/ I was hoping the necklace was cheaper as well. Def, on to the next one! lol!

  2. I love this collection, but almost every blogger has had their hands on a piece of it already, and worn it all over social media... Which almost wants to make me pass. I can't decide! LOL


    1. It's a gorgeous one for sure Miranda. I went to see the remnants this evening and the details, colors and textures are really pretty up close. The metal scarf necklace would've looked nice with a lot of your outfits..just saying! ;)