Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sephora Gift Sets : Ciate Nailed It!

So I was poking around Sephora on Sunday and I was curious to what some of the holiday gifts sets looked like in person this year. Tracy's Notebook of Style recently shared a BUNCH of sets from Sephora and other stores you may want to check them out here: 20 of the best beauty buys.

I focused in on a certain type of value sets...nail polishes!!! I have quite the obsession you know.;)

Here are some of my favorites from Ciate...

 Ciate: "Mini Mani Month"
$58 ($180 Value!)

This is an advent calendar. Totally fun for nail addicts of all ages.
The point is to wait each day to open a new square as the countdown to Xmas continues.
Although I think I would end up opening them all at once :P

 Looks like the customers at Sephora couldn't wait either!
Spoiler alert!
Here's whats inside.
 Ciate: Tree Trinkets 
$30 ($50 value)

 Clear Ornaments with full sized polish in each.
 These are the perfect mini gifts to give to friends and co-workers.

Ciate: Nail Lab
$65 ($212 value)
This is for the Nail Polish Queen. All hail Ciate.
I'm craving this.

This has everything you need. Polishes, tools, glitters, etc! Heck you can even create your own polish and label it (perfect gift btw!) or follow some of the included "recipes."

P.s. I didn't even realize Sephora was giving away special gifts w/purchase for Beauty Insider card users. So keep you eye out for the emails and read them so you don't miss those little perks!

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