Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sephora Beauty Haul Review

 Last month I made a trip to Sephora and came home with all of this!

First Aid Beauty (F.A.B) products & Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream.

I wanted to wait a full month before I gushed about these products, just to make sure they are working right!

These F.A.B beauty products are my new daily beauty regime. And they are godsend!

  • I use the Facial Radiance Pads twice a day. I cut a few of them in half as suggested by the Sales Rep, so I use the half pads in the morning and a full pad at night after washing my face with a paraben free cleanser of course. *Reviews online suggest the pads are smelly...I disagree. It's pretty much fragrance free. Some reviews say that it is sticky, to an extent, it does leave a feeling I can't explain. But it fades away after an hour or so. It really isn't that big of an issue for me. I also think its more noticeable the first week of use and then your skin adjusts to it. These pads radiate your skin and clean like no other. It also calms down the breakouts, thank goodness. I was breaking out like crazy and I've noticed less craziness & faster healing time with this product. It's a light enough exfoliater for everyday use and you can even use it to remove you eye makeup! 
  • Then I follow up with the Facial Radiance Serum twice a day. This serum fades dark spots & acne marks. And it works! My past marks have been getting lighter and the red has calmed down. Your skin will def have that glowing affect & feel smoother within days.
  • Followed by the Ultra Repair Cream at night only.  This cream is heavy and it's awesome. If you tend to a get a little itchy this helps with that. I use it on my hands and feet too since I tend to get dryer in those spots.
  • In the morning I use Smashbox CC Cream which has SPF30 so I'm good to go. You've probably heard of BB Cream, well now there's CC Cream. PERFECT for people trying to get rid of or prevent dark/acne marks. This was recommended to me to use along with my F.A.B products by the F.A.B Sales Rep. It has a nice tint to match your skin tone and SPF, some days I just use this alone (no foundation on top) and I feel comfortable enough leaving the house! Crazy right? 
 I've been using all these daily for the past month and really have seen improvements, the hubs noticed after 2 days, it's that good.

I also picked up the Ultra Repair Lip Therapy.
I love the way it feels and moisturizes.
I like this better than the Fresh Sugar lip treatments. 
This one is longer lasting and creamy.

Well no surprise there, I was able to reach over 500 points last month and redeemed them for this little luxury....

 500 Beauty Insider Reward Points = YvesSaintLaurent.

The little YSL black velvet goodie bag!

And this beaut.

 Gold tone YSL Charm Bracelet.
A YSL charm in the middle with two perfume bottle charms.

What do you think of my Sephora Beauty Haul last month? Have you tried any of these products? Have you redeemed your points lately?

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  1. Awesome haul! Glad to see a review of the FAB products, I used one of their items and loved it and I don't think it's a bad price for products that seem to work for you. I never saw that YSL set, love it, that bracelet is so worth it. I didn't hold out for the 500 point gift ( I used it on a few items throughout the month, oh well) but with all the holiday sets I'm sure I will get there again soon :)