Tuesday, October 15, 2013

OPI: Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 pt.1

Some of you may not know this about me but I was, and still am a Mariah Carey fan. My first CD purchase was Mariah Carey Merry Christmas album. I played that baby non stop and attempted to sing along to every word hand waving in the air and all. I say attempted (even that is a stretch, singer I am NOT) because honestly who can reach those high notes and octaves? 

In 2011 I went to my first MC concert and it was freaking amazing. All the glitz and diva-ness I craved was showcased, feathers, fur, sequins, she sips champagne in-between sets, she even had multiple microphone ensemble changes, blinged out in crystals nonetheless.

So when I found out about the OPI collab with Mariah Carey, I knew she would deliver on extragavance. And with 18 polishes in the holiday lacquer collection and an 18k Gold & Silver leaf topcoat, I think she proved her point. Mimi fan or not, the nail polish selection is divine.

Here's what I was spoiled with (thanks hubby for indulging my inner diva!) :

Mariah Carey "The Look" featuring 3 holiday polishes to achieve that festive party look: My Favorite Ornament, Visions of Love, I Snow You Love Me. Mariah Carey OPI Pure 18k White Gold & Silver Topcoat.

I'm swatching Visions of Love for this post. 
I'll be swatching the other two, My Favorite Ornament (glitter overload!) & I Snow You Love Me (like throwing sequins in the air!) in another post.

Retails $27. Amazon Price $18.98 (Total w/Ship)
A deep burgundy red. 
Two Coats of Vision of Love.
I used to be scared of red vampy polishes, but I'm really loving this one or maybe I had a vision? ;P
Perfect for fall and holidays.

I love this trio from "The Look" selection. I get to try a little bit of each, red, glitter and sparkle.

All that is missing from my collection is All I Want for Christmas is OPI.
That red shade also looks like a must have.

Next up...PURE 18k White Gold & Silver topcoat! Bring on the gold leaf!

 Retails $30. Amazon price $19.88 (Total w/ship).

Now this is serious business here. Definitely buy this before it sells out or goes on eBay for some ridiculous price. This topcoat will enrich any polish in your stash. I was surprised at how big the gold/silver leafs are. I was expecting specks but this, this is huge! I feel quite decadent, thank you very much.

Let's see how Visions of Love looks with a topcoat of Pure shall we?

Kind of like a Fantasy right?
Have you tried or planning to try any of Mariah's new Holiday polishes?


  1. Your nails looks so good - love this colors together - I might have to order that topcoat from Amazon, it is just to perfect for the holidays!! I wish there was a discounted set to get all the colors (just from the swatches alone, colors look amazing). Thanks for sharing your mani and Mariah obsession, haha and how sweet is your husband, he totally gets you ;-)


    1. duh, replying to myself...my excitement got the best of my spelling and grammar as usual, LOL.

    2. LOL, all is forgiven! ;) Under $20 for the top coat is totally worth it I think. You should check out YouTube vlogger reviews of the collection and then pick which ones you like best, they are under $5 each on Amazon. My favorite ornament was one of my favorite swatches, I'm looking forward to trying it out myself next. xo-Franci