Sunday, September 15, 2013

Playing Dress Up: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

Another collab, another reason to play dress up! I love this part of my blogging job ;)
My PLxTarget Hit List: Printed Blouse, Bling Cream Sweater, Boom Sweater

I had my must-have "hit list" ready to go last night. 5 hours of sleep later, (I was up all night checking out and the exclusives and waiting for the purses.) I find myself at Target with fellow blogger Nancy Lee (Fashionchicsta) at about 7:40am with a line of 16+ in front of me. 
A scary sight to be scene of course. 

 Notice the fashionista in front of me with her 3.1 Phillip Lim mini and Chanel Shoes!

When the doors went open, BOOM it was a race for the Lim! In panic I went for the Boom sweater first (being on top of my list) and totally forgot about the purses! So by the time I realized this, I peaked around the corner and no more mini Pashli's in sight. 
I did see a cart full of gold mini's but none for me :( 

I had officially thought it was not meant to be. BUT, Luckily I hung around a little checking out what was left behind, and a girl came up to me (godsend) and asked if I wanted one of these? She was going to give me two mini's but all I needed was one, so another girl lucked out as well and scored one!

I have to say the larger bags are just OK. I mean they are nice and made well, but I just wasn't totally crazy about them. A lot of the larger grey satchels and black carryalls were left on the racks. The mini satchel was perfect for the price and style.

On to the Dress Up!

For reference I tried on only XS and I am a true XS and 5'3.
Look 1
The blouse feels like silk and very lightweight.
This definitely runs big, long length and wide sleeves. 
The sleeves were flouncy on me.
If you notice from the side pic, the blouse is longer in the back.
Also at the sleeve, the shoulder points out, there's some type of fold on the shoulder that does this.

Look 2

I got that Boom Boom Pow Sweater!
 I love it, it's so adorable and fits great, TTS, 
soft all around and tighter on the arms.

Look 3

A blouse NOT a blazer.
The buttons do open up so you could technically wear it as a "blazer" over something. 
Silk-like, and actually really nice. 
I like it better in-person than how it was appearing in the advertisements.

Look 4

So cute! The orange was not as vivid in person. 
I like the silk-like material on the arms and back, although this screams wrinkles.

Look 5

Fun and flirty. The fit is excellent!
It would look great over tights.
It is t-shirt quality.
Nancy Lee commented that it was F21-ish, which isnt BAD, but you know...
Wait for it on sale?
Can I just add, that I'm crazy about the asymmetrical gathering around the waist?

Look 6

It's very long. Not very fitted by the arms, 
as you can see extra material under the armpit. 
This is fine if you are into a looser fit and look.

 I  bunched up the dress here by folder the extra grey sweater over the sheer frill part. 
Looks better that way I thought.

Look 7

Loved it.
 Nancy Lee tried on the black peplum and it looked amazing!
 It zippers down the middle, and you could wear it open like a vest. 
The material is thick, like a trench fabric. 
The best fitting item out of everything I tried on.

 I purse my lips a lot!

Look 8

Same as the Cheetah Print Sweater. 
Very cute color combo!
I would buy this if it goes on sale.

Look 9

It's perfect for the right person, with some heels. It wasn't my style. But I wasn't expecting to like it. 
I just tried it on purely for fun. 
Again like the peplum, the material is thick like a trench coat. 
It zippers down the middle and is longer in the back.

(sorry for lack of purse photos, there really wasn't anything left to take pictures of!)

Oversized Travel Black Wallet $19.99.
Card slots, coin pouch, pen holder and slots on the right. 

Boom Scarf $19.99

 Men's Accessories

 The mens wall is pretty well stocked...

All in all, a great collab. 
Gorgeous pieces that you can mix and match and the quailty was boomtastic! 

I ending up scoring the Mini Gold Satchel, Boom Sweater and the Cream Sparkle Sweater (Online Exclusive). I'm looking forward to seeing how the Sparkle Sweater fits!
That's all kittens!

How was your experience shopping PLxTarget? 
What was your favorite item?


  1. Great review! I ordered everything online as there is no target very near to where I live! But seeing ur pics, I am sure I will be happy wit my purchase!! enjoy ur goodies! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

    1. Thank you so much Jyoti! I'm so glad the pictures helped confirm your love of your purchases! There were so many fab things to choose from. I will enjoy them too, have a good one.

  2. I love this collection! I want the animal print dress, but I think I will wait until it goes on sale before I buy it. I ended up buying the large satchel in black, but I want to buy the animal print sweater and small grey satchel as well. Thanks for showing how the items fit.

    1. Isn't it great Bianca? I'm waiting for the animal print to go on sale too. I have a feeling it will, since not too many people purchased it because of the loud print. The small satchel is amazing, and you will love the sweater I'm sure. And no prob. xo-Franci

  3. You look great in all of these items. I cannot believe the line at your Target. I went around 9am and there wasn't a ton of people thank God. I got the button up blouse, leopard sweater with silk sleeves and the camo tee (men's dept)


    1. Lucky Amy!! I was surprised by the line, usually it isn't that long by the time I get there. Ooo nice picks btw, how did the button up blouse fit for you? It was so GORGEOUS.I might go back and get one of the silk sleeve sweaters. :) xo-Franci

  4. I wish my store had the floral peplum top, it looks great on you! I adore the animal pullover, it's such a fun print and color combo. Did you shop online at all?

    1. I know what you mean, my store didn't have a lot of items that I would have liked to try on as well. I did shop online, I bought the cream sparkle sweater (has bling on the collar). :) xo-Franci

  5. Loved your post - such a great sizing guide for online shoppers. So happy you were able to get one of the bags!! I do like the sweater dress on you, but I guess it is too long and it's not really a look made for heels, too bad. Great "BOOM" dance pic, lol!! Disappointed about the floral shirt, I passed on that one too, but still some great pieces to keep our eyes out for come sale time ;-)


    1. Thank you Tracy! I'm happy I ended up with a bag after all! I wore the gold mini out today already, it's great...but my jeans dye started rubbing off on it. I'm guessing a magic eraser could be a quick fix! I like the sweater dress better bunched up a bit, I might end up getting the Macys version. I thought the floral shirt was going to be IT, but the sleeves...hmm just a bit off. I wish the peplum was cheaper though, it was great. Hunting that out for sales.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! You're going to love the sparkle sweater. I tried on the navy one in the store, and it's sooooo soft. I've seen the open peplum top on a couple blogs now, and I'm kicking myself for passing it up. I have way too many peplum tops in my life, but I love it as a vest.

    1. No prob Rebekah, I love reading about everyone's experiences shopping! I almost got the peplum top, but it already had stains on it?!? Maybe from packaging, no idea, but I passed even thought I could just take it home and wash it to see if it comes out. Looking forward to that sweater though! xo-Franci

  7. Kudos to you for braving the crowds and the lines! I could not cope.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

    1. Thank you Alicia, I have a lot of patience! LOL. I also like the thrill!


  8. OMG you're so lucky to get your hands on the collaboration! left me sobbing here in Indonesia with no Target :')

    Pudding Monster

    1. Oh no! So sorry Vania! Thank you for stopping by to check out my review sweetie :) xo, Franci