Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Makeup Bag Haul!

My trusty Nordstrom salmon colored makeup bag was growing a little weary on me. I had it for around 4 years already and I scored it for free at Nordstrom's Beauty Trend Show at Westfield Valley Fair.
Tormented old thing. Le sigh.
Speaking of Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show, I went to one this past Saturday with Blogger Nancy Lee of Fashionchicsta & Westfield Style Tastemaker Hasti Kashfia. We got a ton of samples in our cute Nordstrom tote featuring beauty brand names all over it, graffiti style. And after all the beauty tips & trends, I'm in dire need of more space in my makeup bag to contain all my happy purchases.
Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show Fall'13.  Wearing: H&M felt baseball cap, F21 necklace, F21 Cardigan (scored at Crossroads Trading Co.), Nordys Rack Tee, 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target mini satchel.
Back to the makeup bag issue.
It had a good run, but with my makeup overflowing out the bag and popping up in unexpected places in my house (i.e. soap dish, jewelry cabinet.) it was time to get organized and be able to find all my makeup in one spot for once in my life. LOL.

Out with the old. In with the new.

The Haul

Here's some great replacement options if you are in the market for one right now. 
I went all out and picked up 3 organizers from Target, Sephora and The Limited.

1. Sephora + Pantone Universe: Borealis Beauty Clutch $19.99

This Limited Edition Holographic "Beauty Clutch" can be used as a clutch or as a makeup bag and also great for traveling, (the last two is what I will be using it for). I love the holographic pink and green reflective shades. Earlier this year it was $39.99, it's now on sale! 
This beaut only cost me $19.99
Find it here or in-store: Holographic Dobbie
 They are selling out quick... 

*Bay area locals: I picked up this one up at the Westfield Valley Fair
Sephora location. There's now one left in stock.

2. SOHO Beauty Case in Snake Skin Print at Target $29.99

This train case is awesome. I don't know what took me so long to upgrade. I can now organize and view my make up. I keep everything that isn't in normal rotation in this case, everyday makeup in my Sephora/Pantone bag. I sectioned off my blushes, eyeliners and lipsticks...I was totes feeling like Oprah (in Oprah's voice) You get a home, you get a home and you get a home!!! 

The snake print is in-store only. 
Shop Target online for similar items: Soho Beauty Cases

3. The Limited mini glitter travel case $9.99

I scored this glistening little one at The Limited, I wasn't looking for it, 
but since it was "shop for an organizer type of day" y'know why not?
I like the idea I can safely store a bottle of nail polish in here for a quick trip and costume jewelry without snagging my clothes in my luggage.

Check in-stores for this one ladies. It's only 9.99!

What did you think of my makeup bag haul? 
What type of cases do you use to organize beauty supplies?

The Butter LONDON luggage tag from my Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show swag bag. 


  1. I love beauty organizers and Iove what you found! I have been looking online at the Target traincases since I have WAY too many products. I had no idea about The Limited, cute case too! What an awesome haul at Nordy's, I and the Butter luggage tag is so perfect for you :)


    1. I figured I was going to need a bigger one soon, with the Ipsy subscription and all! ;) Yeah, Target had a great selection it was so hard to choose! I went into The Limited to check out the crazy 40% and BOGO sales and found that bag instead, sold!