Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pick of The Palate: Phillip Lim for Target

 The Phillip Lim for Target lookbook has arrived and it's filled with all the necessary goodies one needs to carry and wear this fall. Mostly carry (I'm in love with ALL the handbags).

"The collection, separated into three sections (morning, noon and night) is meant to be an assortment of lasting, wearable wardrobe staples for someone on the go. It melds Target’s mission–to fulfill the everyday needs of the masses–with Lim’s signature aesthetic." www.Fashionista.com

 These are my picks, and the top 3 items I'm putting in my shopping cart.

The Women's and Men's collection hits stores September 15.
Prices range from $19.99 to $299.99 for apparel and $19.99 to $59.99 for accessories. 

This is on my must-have list as well. 
Check out the peek-a-boo rhinestone collar!
 Sleeveless Blazer Dress
I'm a sucker for menswear inspired, and this is timeless.
Another timeless piece. A classic trench with a color-block twist.  
It comes in two more colors. $79.99

 A Little Graphic Dress. 
The new LBD for fall.
This is one of those items I have to see in person to know if I love it or not.
Is it too Cheeto's Chester Cheetah? Cheesey Poofs? 
I don't know, but there's something this print about it that keeps me crawling back for moar!

Not to be forgotten.
The Handbags! O the glorious bags!
So luxurious.

And covet-able!

It's all in the details. Leather details of course.

Modern & Sophisticated in Navy.

And the guys, don't forgot your man! I'm putting the color block sweater on my list.

These too!

Phillip Lim mentioned being particularly in favor of these handy travel bags filled with necessities!
Also available for the ladies, in three prints.

Now go check out the full collection online and then let me know what's your top pick!

SheFinds:Phillip Lim For Target
Fashionista: The Full Collection

Fashionista.com has the full collection but not all the prices!
I'll add the Target Lookbook as soon as it is released, this will have all the prices.


  1. I like Phillip Lim's simple design. Great for a minimalist like myself. I also like the idea of lasting, wearable things. So practical. The pieces all look great. I'm eyeing the trench now.
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    1. The trench looks great! I agree with you completely, I love that he stayed true to his design. Basically the trench coats & clothing/bags look like the fit in with his 3.1 Phillim Lim designs. Which is awesome :)

  2. I'm with you about that cheetah/cheetos print, I am drawn to it too, maybe the skirt would be cool, but I'll be waiting to see it in person too. I really do want a few of the bags, they just look so good and I don't picture myself ever affording an original version of one of his bags, so this is too good to pass up! We'll have to be up online together again to chat while we wait and exchange #'s to text on the launch date :)


    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking about Cheetos! I would like to get my hands on the long sleeve cheetah print tunic (not sure might be a dress!) to try on at least. Def. the bags. Sounds like a plan!