Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pick of The Palate: H&M Home

I was so excited last night when I was looking up cooking recipes for the week ahead and then I somehow stumbled upon the announcement of H&M online. Which is now available to shop in all 50 states! Looks like they decided to open 1 day before August (the month they announced on Twitter they would actually open). Sneaky, sneaky.

Even though I already have a few local H&M's in a 15 minute radius, I was captured by the "HOME" tab! Hah! I love it, everything is beyond affordable. I'm very interested in seeing how the quality is in person, my guess...IKEA quality? Doesn't really matter, for $5.95 for an adorable pillow cover (see "Love" cushion below) is worth a shot.

Anyway here are my picks!

From the Kitchen (my haven), Living Space, Bathroom to your Closet or even chic gifts for Baby:

1. Paper Napkins (Set of 20) $1.95

2. 2 Pack Guest Towel $9.95

3. Shoe Bag $5.95

4. Garment Bag $12.95

5. Cushion Cover $5.95

6. Small Plates $3.95

7. Linen Cushion Cover ( Sweet sweet sugar bag) $17.95

8. Rattle (so Chanel!) $5.95

9. Macaron Apron $12.95
    & Tea Towel $4.95

Parisian Chic

Living Space & Cushions
Well Traveled
(This would fit into my room perfectly!)

 Kitchen & Dinning
These plates make a statement.
I've been making weight measurements (protocol)
 for all my baking goods lately so this made me laugh.

Oh, cake dishes!

Don't forget to read the return policy closely, no in-store returns as of now.

Oh and you might need a free shipping code so while you are there sign up for the newsletter:

Also a 25% off coupon (You can stack it with the Free Ship code)
Get yours here: LikeACoupon

You're welcome ;)
And welcome to the future (finally) H&M.

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  1. Still trying to come down from the excitement!! Can't wait to hear what you will be ordering. I could order almost every pillow cover, they look so cute. I am with you on the quality, obviously we won't know, but like you said, for the price, it's a nice and affordable update. Don't you just love all the room pics on the site, they look straight from a magazine and are great for sizing info :)