Thursday, August 29, 2013

Beauty Review: Marc Jacobs Hi-Shine Lacquer

Earlier this week I reviewed the Blacquer Highliner by Marc Jacobs at Sephora. I shared the good the bad and the smudgy. Needless to say I had mixed reviews. 

Today I wanted to share with you another MJBeauty product I bought and I'm enamored with. The Hi-Shine Lacquer in Enamored. It was so hard to choose as you can see the choices were plenty! I chose the one that was the brightest and stood out from the crowd. I'll be back for Blue Velvet & Funny Face.

Marc Jacobs 
Enamored Hi-Shine Lacquer
Featuring: Lux

Beauty Review:

The product description is said to have a "Wet look. Plasticized finish. Extreme wear." $18 a pop.
What I love most about this product is that Marc Jacobs customized it himself. With a "curve-hugging brush that optimizes application and the curvature of the bottle resembles a smile. Each shade is 3-Free: formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP." 

I mean how cute, the bottle is smiling at you!

The Good:
* The polish finishes shiny. I only used about two coats and it was plenty. It def has a Barbie kind of look, like plastic, too good to be true! Even the hubby commented that it was shiny.
Note that I did NOT use a topcoat.  For sure my manicure would've lasted longer had I added a topcoat.
*The polish w/out a topcoat & with a base coat lasted a full week without chips.
*Dries fast.
* The color is saturated and fabulous, yes quite "Lux". I have no color like this chartreuse-ish, marigold-yellow in my collection. This is going to look great in the fall for a little oomph and paired with black, cream, grey and wine wardrobe.

The Bad:
* Nothing.
* Wait one thing. The fact that I only bought ONE! I need more, lol!

What do you think of the color? What MJ beauty product(s) did you end up getting?

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