Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beauty Review: Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner

As most of you know Marc Jacobs revealed his new line of beauty products a few weeks ago at Sephora. The line draws inspiration from moods, icons and music (which you can tell from the names of the products) names like "Funny Face" a la an Audrey Hepburn classic movie for a nail lacquer. I couldn't wait to get my hands on them. But of course I had to to make a few choices on what I was bringing home with me.

Here's what I saw:

Marc's faves. Plus a Remedy concealer pen that is said to rival YSL's Touche Eclat. And a bronzer powder.

 An eyeshadow palette of not five but SEVEN!

I think all the lip vinyl's were falling down from an exhausting launch day!

Here's what I bought:

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner-Gel Crayon
in 42 Blacquer-Black

Beauty Review: 
This is said to be rich in pigment, waterproof and the blackest of black and shiniest. It is one of six colors, $25 and includes a built in sharpener on the end.

The Good!
 *VERY richly pigmented, this is one of the darkest black liners I own.
*Long lasting, the WHOLE day. DEF waterproof, you CANNOT wash this off without using an eye makeup remover. And it has to be a good eye makeup remover, my Simple facial wipes & SkinFood makeup remover don't even come close. I went out and purchased Make Up For Ever Sens'Eyes. (I'll do a review on that later), that seemed to do the trick.

      The Bad.
*About the sharpener...it sucks. The very first sharpening I did worked fine. But the second time, it was a mess. My Highliner crayon tip broke off, so I had to twist out another round. Very hesitant to keep sharpening it since the crayon is so soft, it may break off again.
*The Highliner smudged right away on my eyelid crease. I had to reach for the makeup setting spray to set it in and try to keep my eyes wide open so my crease wouldn't touch my lined eyes. I never thought I had oily eyelids, but maybe I do. Most reviewers seem not to be having this problem.
 I give this product a Mixed Bag, it's a love hate relationship. 
I wanted to love it, but the smudges on the crease and the horrible sharpening experience made me not want to buy it again. It def had it's High's and Lows. I'm crazy about the color though and how it enhances my eyes, so I'm still going to use it. I'll just have to wait for the liner to set before going out. 
I'm wondering if the Precision Pen would've worked better on me. 
For $30, I don't think I will take the risk.

Stay tuned this week for my Marc Jacobs Hi-Shine Laquer review!

Have you tried any of the Marc Jacobs Beauty products?


  1. Thanks for sharing, always informative to read about a "splurge" product, too bad it smudges, you can return it if you don't like it though!!I keep hearing all the hype about the precision pen but I just couldn't splurge on that yet, maybe when the 20% Sephora discount comes around...maybe. I did just purchase the lipstick (also $30) but I a lip junkie so I can justify that more and my friend said it lasted for hours, so I'll let you know how that works.


  2. Thank you for sharing this girl! This is a great review! I am so excited to try some of the Marc Jacobs beauty products!! :)