Sunday, July 28, 2013

Playing Dress Up: Target Fall Preview

Seriously, Fall can't come soon enough! I'm dying to wear leather and fringe and layers again. Fall is definitely the best fashion season of them all. Which explains why so many retailers are eagerly filling up their stock with new fall arrivals.

I made a visit to Target early Friday morning and came across all the fab "Fall Preview" Mossimo clothing items that recently arrived in store.

Let the dress up begin!
side note:
Don't pay attention to my bright blue tee I'm wearing underneath some of the blouses, a few of the items were sheer so I didn't want to put on a show for everyone, hence the blue tee ;)
Also my hair is was 9am ok! :P

 Cute short sleeve sweater.
Guys, it's really soft. You got to try this on.
Also, I'm digging it with the boyfriend jeans, just add spiked heels.

White with black accents tuxedo blouse! I love it, I bought it.
But I love everything tuxedo.

Bring on the leather details!

 This is actually really cute, what do you think? 
I like the vegan leather accents on the wrists, collar and down the middle. 
It's a high-low blouse as well, which would look great with leather leggings.

Flannel plaid print sweater with vegan leather sleeves.  
 Vegan leather color block cardigan.

 I'm not crazy about it. Cute in theory, but it looked too cheap. 
Notice the puckering at the chest? 
Not flattering.

It looks better on the rack. Although it's laser cut friend on the left looks quite fab! 

Love this wine/berry hue with the leatherish pocket and accents at shoulder. You could wear this right now, get a head start on the trend.

Much better look and feel to this vegan leather quilted jacket than what was seen on the cardigan. 

Love this bag! So boho!

Sequined South Western Printed Cell Phone Wristlet.
Bet you never heard all those words together in one sentence before!

This wasn't part of the "Fall Preview" but how ridiculously cool is it? 
Tracy's Notebook of Style featured it on her blog last week and it was calling my name. This Mossimo dress read editorial to me and it is so unique for $25, it was on sale for $20.

Will you be shopping the Target "Fall Preview"? 
What was your favorite item?


  1. I agree, Fall is THE best season for fashion!! Loved seeing everything - my stores didn't have any of this or the signage that read "fall preview" :( I really want that burgundy top with the faux leather details, thanks for trying it all on because I prob just wouldnt have picked up that cardigan w/o even trying it on. So glad you liked my dress pick, I think it will look good now and then with black tights for fall :D


    1. Maybe they are doing select stores for the fall preview, it's all online though! I bet it will be there on your next visit! So glad you enjoyed my "Playing Dress Up," these are always my favorite to do. The cardigan was tricky, looks good on the hanger but on a me, not so much! Thanks for sharing that dress, glad I got it on sale ;)

    2. My local Target sucks!! I was expecting and hoping they would have all the fall preview items, I am dying to see everything..this only means oe thing, more Target stops this weekend, lol.

    3. What!! Unacceptable! Especially in LA!:D

  2. I'm totes interested in the quilted jacket!!
    I have actually been wanted a quilted leather jacket for about a year.