Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beauty Review: Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat

For weeks I've constantly stopped at the Sally Hansen display section of Fuzzy Coat and Sugar Coat nail polishes at Target. The Sugar Coat samples were nothing amazing, but the Fuzzy Coat kind of intrigue me. They are usually $6.99 but I didn't feel it was worth if for that much, I'd rather purchase from my faves like Essie. But when it got marked down to $4.94 I had to try it.

The colors are going fast, so I picked up the pink "wool lite" color.

One coat is not enough and goes on too clear. I tested it on my pinky first with multiple layers, I then decided to paint the rest of my nails a light pink nail color (Cover Girl Glosstinis, Pink Lady) and gradually adding less layers of Fuzzy Coat as I made my way to the thumb creating this Fuzzy Coat ombre mani.

 I didn't apply a topcoat, which was bad because my nails chipped by the end of the second day.

All in all, a decent nail polish but nothing groundbreaking. I would add even more layers on top of a basic color next time, maybe in the fall for that warm and fuzzy look.

As for texture, you do feel it on your nails and some of the white strips tend to fuzz out. I kinda wish I had tried this in the black and white Tweedy or All Yarned Up, but these weren't available at my Target.

In store has the better deal, Target has them online for $5.49. Shop here: Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat

Would you try textured nails?


  1. Pretty pics with the flowers! I kept thinking about that polish too, but didn't pick it up because my nails are a serious mess right now. The polish looks nice and fun for something different (of course you have nice nails to begin with, jealous!), I still might grab one if I see them again. Thanks for sharing your review :)


  2. This is a product I haven't heard of! Thanks for testing it out for us! haha

  3. Thanks for sharing... This looks like a fun product to test out ;)