Friday, July 12, 2013

Beauty Review: MAC Cosmetics RiRi Woo

This beauty review is of the high in demand Retro Matte lipstick labeled "RiRi Woo" from RiRi hearts MAC Summer collection.

This is Rihanna's second collab with MAC, the previous one released in May, also had RiRi Woo, which sold out like hot cakes. Hopefully no one went crazy and bought them off eBay, because they are back as of June 18. I actually missed the first release, wasn't in the loop I guess. This time I quickly scooped up one of these red lipsticks, since I only have one red lipstick from Kate Spade, I was hopping for a more intense one and longer lasting than that. And intense is what I got!

RiRi Woo did not disappoint (I hear it's a lot like MACs Ruby Woo color, but a teensy bit more amplified & matte). It's a retro rich red and I feel like a rock star wearing it (or like I'm the only girl in the world). It is also engraved with Rihanna's signature. I'm not really a HUGE RiRi fan, so I don't mind using and jacking up the signature. :)

Light application of two coats.
As you will see in my swatch, after one swipe it easily intensifies as the pigments are rich and deep.

Starting from 1 application and gradually adding an extra coat.

After wearing it for half a day I noticed it doesn't bleed or smudge, no red lipstick on my teeth. It stays put and very matte. I would suggest wearing your favorite lip balm underneath for an easier application or using a lip brush so it glides on otherwise it's hard to get an even application since it's a bit stiff and dry.  Also a lip pencil might be helpful too.

If you are like me and drank a mocha light right after I applied my lipstick than you will want to have your lipstick handy to apply more otherwise the lining of you lips will be bright red and the inner more muted....I'm not going for an ombre look here so def. reapply.

For $15 this is a Woo, Hoo! It takes getting to used to, especially if you are more of a glossy lip girl! But you will LOVE it. It's not in stock right now but you can still place it in your cart and it says "ship soon." If you aren't in a rush, this one is worth waiting for, buy it here:

It really glams up a white tee kind of day.

Have you tried RiRi Woo yet? Or are you scared? ;)


  1. Love the red, it's looks great on you!..and yes, I'm always a little scared to wear it, me and my collection of neutral glosses, even though I do wear brights on occasion. Thinking about this one since it is still technically available :)


  2. great tips! by the way, this looks awesome on you!

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