Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beauty Review: Ciate Corrupted Neon Manicure

I can't seem to get enough of Nordstrom these days. It's like, when in doubt I'll find it at Nordstrom! ;)

I made it out to Nordstrom's #BeautyBash last Friday night. Kicking of the Nordstrom Sale which opened to the public (non card holders) on the 19th. And there were a lot of new nail polish goodies out.

The Ciate nail polishes stood out to me the most. Me and Nancy Lee from FashionCHICsta both picked up a set of the Ciate Currupted Neon Manicure.

How can you pass up brights & glitter? I went with neon blue Boom Box and Nancy Lee went with neon orange Club Tropicana. I have added her review above! Check it out.

The set includes:
 1 paint pot in "Boom Box" a neon blue. Which also looks great on it's own.
 1 neon glitter powder in "Foam Party" a flouresecent blue glitter powder mix.
 1 mini "UV Black Light Topcoat."
 An instruction booklet.
 *Uv light not included. I'm on my way to Target in the midst of typing this post!
   I must test out its glowing power. ;)

And begin.

The instructions say two coats is plenty, so I listened wisely.
(ignore the pinky, I got excited and dusted it before I took my pic!)

Close up:

Super bright and shiny (no topcoat yet!) and in my favorite color. Looks great on its own!

Putting on the glitz!

I used the plastic container the polishes came in and poured the glitter straight from the bottle onto my wet nail polish. Tapping my nails on the plastic to remove excess glitter (does that exist? Pile on the glitter I say!) This can get very messy. I noticed some Ciate kits come with a small funnel, this would have been nice to have. I ended up pressing some of the extra glitter along areas that were missed with my finger. And then topped it off with the UV Top Coat.

It's SO pretty.

So far I've been wearing it for two days and no noticeable chips yet!

Ok, just got back from Safeway...(Target ran out of black lights, go figure. Maybe a bunch of bloggers just bought this nail polish set!)

Here's the totally raging glowing neon madness! Notice that if you miss a few spots with the glitter application it will show under the blacklight.

Who remembers Glow Worms? I found this randomly in my bedroom...my cat hates it.

Soooo Where's the party? ;)

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  1. Whoa! That looks so cool and you are ready to hit the clubs, LOL. I love how it actually glows(great pic w/ your Gap flats and toy to show it off). Like you said, the blue is so pretty even on it's own, great set :)


    1. Thanks Tracy! This is def. my favorite color right now so I'm crazy about it. It's too bad I don't party..can't really enjoy the glowing aspect, but I'm loving the glitter and sparkle.