Saturday, July 20, 2013

Banana Reupblic: This Sale is Banana's.

Banana Republic is one of those stores I always forget to go in, I had been wanting to check out the Milly Collection but keep getting distracted by the Nordstrom Sale. lol. My friend at Tracy's Notebook of Style reminded me of the Banana markdowns, so I finally made it! Nothing like a sale to get me moving.
Milly Collection piped shirt (Org. $69.50), Milly Collection bracelets (Org. $35), BR glamour link bracelets (Org. $49.50), Br white military blazer (Org. $130)

Select styles (almost everything) is 40% off. And take an extra 40% off reduced items, including Milly Collection!

 Eye catching gold link bracelets.
This will be on the budget for next month!

 Pretty in Pink and Coral.

 Close up of this stunner! I love this color combo right now.

 Great investment piece for like nothing.

Milly Collection button up. 
It's very soft and another great color combo. 
Navy & Pink.

Once again, my favorite color this year. Chartreuse, in some lights it looks lime and in others it's yellowish! Cute and a great price. Was $55, Now $21.

Milly dustbag included with jewelry purchase.

Get in there quick ladies (the better savings are in-store, not online!) and make sure to check every kitty corner for Milly items on sale, they are literally dispersed in every corner of the store. I went back a second time and found where all the Milly Colorblock Pleated Maxi Patio dresses ($54) were hiding, my friend Nancy Lee from FashionCHICsta bought one for herself and proceeded to encourage every other fashionista in line to buy one too. :D No bargain hunter left behind!


  1. Love your finds and how cute is that little milly bag?! Thanks for the shout out :) I have been at BR lately only because I've been buying more shirts for my BF there and now I am hooked on checking things out with all the deals right now..I serioulsy can't believe how low all the quality merch is, so fun!!


  2. *oops..I meant how low the prices are for such quality merch..I have shopping fatique, lol.

  3. I think I'll be picking up one of those gold link bracelets, thank you!

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