Sunday, July 28, 2013

Playing Dress Up: Target Fall Preview

Seriously, Fall can't come soon enough! I'm dying to wear leather and fringe and layers again. Fall is definitely the best fashion season of them all. Which explains why so many retailers are eagerly filling up their stock with new fall arrivals.

I made a visit to Target early Friday morning and came across all the fab "Fall Preview" Mossimo clothing items that recently arrived in store.

Let the dress up begin!
side note:
Don't pay attention to my bright blue tee I'm wearing underneath some of the blouses, a few of the items were sheer so I didn't want to put on a show for everyone, hence the blue tee ;)
Also my hair is was 9am ok! :P

 Cute short sleeve sweater.
Guys, it's really soft. You got to try this on.
Also, I'm digging it with the boyfriend jeans, just add spiked heels.

White with black accents tuxedo blouse! I love it, I bought it.
But I love everything tuxedo.

Bring on the leather details!

 This is actually really cute, what do you think? 
I like the vegan leather accents on the wrists, collar and down the middle. 
It's a high-low blouse as well, which would look great with leather leggings.

Flannel plaid print sweater with vegan leather sleeves.  
 Vegan leather color block cardigan.

 I'm not crazy about it. Cute in theory, but it looked too cheap. 
Notice the puckering at the chest? 
Not flattering.

It looks better on the rack. Although it's laser cut friend on the left looks quite fab! 

Love this wine/berry hue with the leatherish pocket and accents at shoulder. You could wear this right now, get a head start on the trend.

Much better look and feel to this vegan leather quilted jacket than what was seen on the cardigan. 

Love this bag! So boho!

Sequined South Western Printed Cell Phone Wristlet.
Bet you never heard all those words together in one sentence before!

This wasn't part of the "Fall Preview" but how ridiculously cool is it? 
Tracy's Notebook of Style featured it on her blog last week and it was calling my name. This Mossimo dress read editorial to me and it is so unique for $25, it was on sale for $20.

Will you be shopping the Target "Fall Preview"? 
What was your favorite item?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Shopping Faves: Sales & Fall Fashion

No joke I went to all these shops this Friday morning. Just so you can have an advantage if you are a weekend shopper! I wanted to get a head start, since I  am working all weekend and won't have time to check out the sales and fall previews happening right now. Here are my Friday Shopping Faves this week featuring: H&M & Urban Outfitters at Santana Row, Marshalls & Target.

Let's start with H&M and my favorite Fall Items that just arrived in store.

Oxblood is back, more of a wine hues this time, along with gray and creamy whites. Color blocked trench and gray moto jeans for under $40, and a black and white printed sweater to go with everything this fall.

Snake print with gold chain links perfect for grasping your clutch in style this fall.

Lot's of eye catching necklaces and rings to choose from too. 
How cute is that mermaid color sequin peter-pan collar?

Not to mention there's a SALE. You read the sign right, take an additional 50% off select shoes & accessories. Like these blush pink wedges, they were marked down to $15, 
I ended up buying these for $7.50. BTW they looked pretty darn awesome with the gray moto pants, gave it that girly edge look.

Next stop: Urban Outfitters SALE items!

Each of these items cost $19.99! 

Kimchi Blue Metallic Cut-out sandals. 

Fringe Bag! I'm on the hunt for the perfect fringe bag this fall, this one is possible.
 Very good quality and it's vegan leather, you honestly can't tell.

Your choice of sale priced BDG denim. Studded of course.
I own a pair of BDG and they are so soft and stretchy you won't want to take them off.

Off to Target: Sam & Libby finally went on Sale.

The printed loafers and a lot of the sandals are under $20 now.

Look at all those shoes, my gawd.
My faves have to be the wedge strap sandals, these are under $25 right now. 
I might get them if they still are around in August, on clearance.

Final Stop: Marshalls 75% off Store-wide Summer Clearance Event.

And of course, for good measure the crazily marked down Marshalls #fabfound items.

 Can you guess which item is not on clearance? Yeah it's the fringe 7 For All Mankind suede boot. I couldn't resist adding it here along with a Tommy Hilfiger pink purse for $28 and shoes for $25, MK iPad shoulder bag for $20.

All of these are clearance as well, a complete outfit for under $38!
Paige Denim shorts $15, Report sandals $13, Studded shirt $10.

Stay tuned for Sunday, I will have my "Playing Dress Up" post up on my Favorite Fall Preview items from Target! I was so excited about the Target Sam & Libby Sale I had to make a shopping excursion out of it, ending up being more blown away by all the new fall preview clothing in store right now.

Have a great weekend and save some $$$!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sale Alert: Kate Spade New York. Shh it's a Secret!

I just heard today that Kate Spade New York is having a "secret sale." Which means, the sale is on sale. You can take an extra 25% off sale items with code: "25July."

This means a whole lot of fab wallets, handbags, accessories and shoes for a lot less!

Here are a few of my sale picks that are under $36 after the secret sale code is applied:

Stripe Setting Short Necklace: Orig $128, Sale $49, Secret Sale $36.75
Le Pavilion iPhone 4 Case: Orig $40, Sale $28, Secret Sale $21
Lacquard Spade Bangle: Orig $38, Sale $26, Secret Sale $19.50
That's The Last Straw Gia: Orig $78, Sale $35, Secret Sale $26.25 
Signature Spade Earbuds: Orig $40, Sale $28, Secret Sale $21

And a few honorable mentions for a budget price.

Like this clutch I've had my eye on.

Little Ribbon Samira: Orig $298, Sale $109, Secret Sale $81.05

Or these KSNY/KEDS color blocked dipped sneaks.

Keds for KSNY Kick Sneaker: Orig. $75, Sale $59, Secret Sale: $44.25

Free ground shipping in the US!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beauty Review: Ciate Corrupted Neon Manicure

I can't seem to get enough of Nordstrom these days. It's like, when in doubt I'll find it at Nordstrom! ;)

I made it out to Nordstrom's #BeautyBash last Friday night. Kicking of the Nordstrom Sale which opened to the public (non card holders) on the 19th. And there were a lot of new nail polish goodies out.

The Ciate nail polishes stood out to me the most. Me and Nancy Lee from FashionCHICsta both picked up a set of the Ciate Currupted Neon Manicure.

How can you pass up brights & glitter? I went with neon blue Boom Box and Nancy Lee went with neon orange Club Tropicana. I have added her review above! Check it out.

The set includes:
 1 paint pot in "Boom Box" a neon blue. Which also looks great on it's own.
 1 neon glitter powder in "Foam Party" a flouresecent blue glitter powder mix.
 1 mini "UV Black Light Topcoat."
 An instruction booklet.
 *Uv light not included. I'm on my way to Target in the midst of typing this post!
   I must test out its glowing power. ;)

And begin.

The instructions say two coats is plenty, so I listened wisely.
(ignore the pinky, I got excited and dusted it before I took my pic!)

Close up:

Super bright and shiny (no topcoat yet!) and in my favorite color. Looks great on its own!

Putting on the glitz!

I used the plastic container the polishes came in and poured the glitter straight from the bottle onto my wet nail polish. Tapping my nails on the plastic to remove excess glitter (does that exist? Pile on the glitter I say!) This can get very messy. I noticed some Ciate kits come with a small funnel, this would have been nice to have. I ended up pressing some of the extra glitter along areas that were missed with my finger. And then topped it off with the UV Top Coat.

It's SO pretty.

So far I've been wearing it for two days and no noticeable chips yet!

Ok, just got back from Safeway...(Target ran out of black lights, go figure. Maybe a bunch of bloggers just bought this nail polish set!)

Here's the totally raging glowing neon madness! Notice that if you miss a few spots with the glitter application it will show under the blacklight.

Who remembers Glow Worms? I found this randomly in my cat hates it.

Soooo Where's the party? ;)

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Banana Reupblic: This Sale is Banana's.

Banana Republic is one of those stores I always forget to go in, I had been wanting to check out the Milly Collection but keep getting distracted by the Nordstrom Sale. lol. My friend at Tracy's Notebook of Style reminded me of the Banana markdowns, so I finally made it! Nothing like a sale to get me moving.
Milly Collection piped shirt (Org. $69.50), Milly Collection bracelets (Org. $35), BR glamour link bracelets (Org. $49.50), Br white military blazer (Org. $130)

Select styles (almost everything) is 40% off. And take an extra 40% off reduced items, including Milly Collection!

 Eye catching gold link bracelets.
This will be on the budget for next month!

 Pretty in Pink and Coral.

 Close up of this stunner! I love this color combo right now.

 Great investment piece for like nothing.

Milly Collection button up. 
It's very soft and another great color combo. 
Navy & Pink.

Once again, my favorite color this year. Chartreuse, in some lights it looks lime and in others it's yellowish! Cute and a great price. Was $55, Now $21.

Milly dustbag included with jewelry purchase.

Get in there quick ladies (the better savings are in-store, not online!) and make sure to check every kitty corner for Milly items on sale, they are literally dispersed in every corner of the store. I went back a second time and found where all the Milly Colorblock Pleated Maxi Patio dresses ($54) were hiding, my friend Nancy Lee from FashionCHICsta bought one for herself and proceeded to encourage every other fashionista in line to buy one too. :D No bargain hunter left behind!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beauty Review: Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat

For weeks I've constantly stopped at the Sally Hansen display section of Fuzzy Coat and Sugar Coat nail polishes at Target. The Sugar Coat samples were nothing amazing, but the Fuzzy Coat kind of intrigue me. They are usually $6.99 but I didn't feel it was worth if for that much, I'd rather purchase from my faves like Essie. But when it got marked down to $4.94 I had to try it.

The colors are going fast, so I picked up the pink "wool lite" color.

One coat is not enough and goes on too clear. I tested it on my pinky first with multiple layers, I then decided to paint the rest of my nails a light pink nail color (Cover Girl Glosstinis, Pink Lady) and gradually adding less layers of Fuzzy Coat as I made my way to the thumb creating this Fuzzy Coat ombre mani.

 I didn't apply a topcoat, which was bad because my nails chipped by the end of the second day.

All in all, a decent nail polish but nothing groundbreaking. I would add even more layers on top of a basic color next time, maybe in the fall for that warm and fuzzy look.

As for texture, you do feel it on your nails and some of the white strips tend to fuzz out. I kinda wish I had tried this in the black and white Tweedy or All Yarned Up, but these weren't available at my Target.

In store has the better deal, Target has them online for $5.49. Shop here: Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat

Would you try textured nails?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Beauty Review: MAC Cosmetics RiRi Woo

This beauty review is of the high in demand Retro Matte lipstick labeled "RiRi Woo" from RiRi hearts MAC Summer collection.

This is Rihanna's second collab with MAC, the previous one released in May, also had RiRi Woo, which sold out like hot cakes. Hopefully no one went crazy and bought them off eBay, because they are back as of June 18. I actually missed the first release, wasn't in the loop I guess. This time I quickly scooped up one of these red lipsticks, since I only have one red lipstick from Kate Spade, I was hopping for a more intense one and longer lasting than that. And intense is what I got!

RiRi Woo did not disappoint (I hear it's a lot like MACs Ruby Woo color, but a teensy bit more amplified & matte). It's a retro rich red and I feel like a rock star wearing it (or like I'm the only girl in the world). It is also engraved with Rihanna's signature. I'm not really a HUGE RiRi fan, so I don't mind using and jacking up the signature. :)

Light application of two coats.
As you will see in my swatch, after one swipe it easily intensifies as the pigments are rich and deep.

Starting from 1 application and gradually adding an extra coat.

After wearing it for half a day I noticed it doesn't bleed or smudge, no red lipstick on my teeth. It stays put and very matte. I would suggest wearing your favorite lip balm underneath for an easier application or using a lip brush so it glides on otherwise it's hard to get an even application since it's a bit stiff and dry.  Also a lip pencil might be helpful too.

If you are like me and drank a mocha light right after I applied my lipstick than you will want to have your lipstick handy to apply more otherwise the lining of you lips will be bright red and the inner more muted....I'm not going for an ombre look here so def. reapply.

For $15 this is a Woo, Hoo! It takes getting to used to, especially if you are more of a glossy lip girl! But you will LOVE it. It's not in stock right now but you can still place it in your cart and it says "ship soon." If you aren't in a rush, this one is worth waiting for, buy it here:

It really glams up a white tee kind of day.

Have you tried RiRi Woo yet? Or are you scared? ;)