Thursday, June 20, 2013

Big Spender or I'm Saving for Shoes: The Striped Shoe Trend

I'm sure a bunch of you have noticed a trend of gorgeous black and white striped shoes on bloggers and style icons. And I'm in love with this chic combo.

While the Zara coveted version is not too far out of reach at $79 (*Update as of 6/21, Zara is having a sale! Making these $59*), some of us girls got to have some left over cash for maybe another pair of shoes right?

So I present to you my look for less, would you spend big on the Zara version or maybe pass and save for shoes (literally) at a bargain price on a Sam Edelman from Marshalls at $39?

Even better, a flat d'orsay style at (MMC) for a very satisfying price of $23.40!

All pretty cute and stylish choices right? Although I'm drawn to the flat style since I will get more use out of these pretty shoes. How about you? Which style is your favorite?

Shop them here:

Zara: Black and White Combo Heels $79. Now $59
Sam Edelman: Go fashion hunting at your nearest Marshalls for $39 for the best deal!
MMC: Frances-1 Striped D'orsay Flats $23.40


  1. That is a STEAL! thank you so much for sharing;-))))

  2. You have found some amazing buys! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to check out them out, hoping they haven't been snapped up already. Have a great weekend.

    - Mandi