Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beauty Review: Lancome Show

The new Alber Elbaz limited edition makeup collection "Lancome Show" is a feast for the eyes! Alber Elbaz is the imagination and quirkiness behind fashion label Lanvin. These products are all based on the most important feature to Alber, the eyes. Like many of Alber's illustrations, eyes are the attention grabber & also on the product packaging. And who isn't a sucker for awesome details! Which is why I was immediately sold. I had to buy something.

I picked out the Lancome Show Definicils mascara. The original Definicils has rave reviews. I've never tried the Lancome Definicils before, so I am unsure what the difference is with that and the Lancome Show version. The only thing I can tell is that the packaging is way cuter and it only comes in "Extra black." Lancome Definicils line does not offer Extra Black.

Watch my Instagram Short Clip of the compact in action!

During the release week, Lancome (online only) was offering a free gift with purchase. A cute Lancome Show double mirror compact with Alber's illustration. The compact alone was definitely worth it, for $29 I got the Lancome Show Definicils and bonus compact. That's a deal to me!

* The compact is no longer available online, but you may be able to pick one up at your local Nordstrom Lancome Show event: check Lancome Facebook for events.

Here's my review:

With just one coating I wasn't able to notice much, but 3 coats of mascara was all I could layer without the brush getting stuck midway through. 3 is enough for lengthening and definition. A very light application and pretty long lashes as promised. As you can see not a dramatic change in my eyelashes, but they are more noticeable and outlined well for a nice improvement to an everyday look. I noticed the mascara did not smudge, even when I rub my eyes gently. And it came off without a big mess with a cotton ball and eye makeup remover. If you are searching for volume this one is not for you, you might want to try out the other selections, like Hypnose Star, or Doll.

Having some fun letting Alber Elbaz transform my profile pic into high fashion art!
Try it out here:  http://on.fb.me/19YJLd2

Did you have your eye on any of these products?


  1. Replies
    1. It took me awhile Elise, but I'm loving what they have to offer this year!
      Xo, Franci

  2. The mascara looks awesome and it is such a deal to get that compact with your purchase, totally worth it! I Love this collection, I hope they launch another one with him and his cute designs!