Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DIY Nail Art: Things that make you go RAWR!

I must admit, I've neglected my nails the last 2 weeks. Doesn't seem like much but I rarely have naked nails, I love a little something on them at all times. In response to all this nail polish neglecting, I went big. I finally tried the leopard print nail art trend.

And it really is easier than you think!

Here's my golden snow leopard version:

Oops woke my furbaby up with my rawr-vishing nails ;) 

What you will need:
A bobby pin for the spots, 3 nail polishes, white, gold and black.

But you could really do any color!

I used Essie "Blanco", Sephora for the black and Skin Food gold polish.

Personally, I found the easiest way to create the "spots" is by painting the ends of a bobby pin with the polish. I then drew a "C" shape with the ends of the painted bobby pin ends. Wait for them to dry and then painted a dot of gold in the middle of each C.

One more thing, wait a LONG while before putting on you clear topcoat. I got impatient and messed up one nail, the black will smudge against the white!

I found some DIY's on Pinterest that will give you a good visual of the process
as well as alternate options:

And here are a few of my faves I spotted (pun intended) on Pinterest while I was stalking out the prey...

 This one from Teen Vogue is so cute with the pink layer and then the pastel spots.

And I like this chic leopard version too, two shades of white and silver perfection.

Have you tried this trend yet? What do you think?

If you have pictures of your leopard print version feel free to post them on
my Facebook page: The Fashion Palate,
 I'd love to see the variety!


  1. I am so impressed with your mani!! Thanks for all the tips, I never thought about a bobbi pin and I use those almost daily, duh.


    1. Thank you Tracy, it's so simple! You wouldn't think of using a bobby pin, but it works!

  2. Love the nails. Thanks for all the ideas.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post "Palm Tree Paradise'. They are my latest find for my summer vacation. I would love to read your thoughts about them. Thank you!:)



    1. Thanks for checking out my post Sofia! Make sure to like me on Facebook too, so you don't miss a thing. ;) I will be stopping by your blog later today!

  3. Great manicure and I am in love with the bracelets!

    xx, C