Monday, April 8, 2013

Today's the day The Fashion Palate goes on a Picnic. Kate Spade style.

Oh some weekends are just crying for a day trip and a little picnic along the way.
Kate Spade New York makes me long for a trip to Napa for a day of wine tasting, wearing my best gingham print and my picnic basket purse in hand...wait...PICNIC BASKET PURSE, WHAT?!

I am loving the new KS display in stores right now.
How cute are those gingham print KS Keds that sticking out the orange and faux straw picnic basket?

This wine tote is very necessary. 
I mean. It has a hole in the middle for your wine to peak out.
And did you see the basket apple clutch?! I'm done.

A wise bear once said...
"Hey BooBoo, let's go get us a pic-a-nic basket"
Yogi Bear would've been in for a surprise with the contents of these picnic baskets...
Shop the new picnic collection here.

And this belt.
This belt.
I can't get over the cuteness.

Have you been obsessing over any Kate Spade items lately?


  1. lawd!
    Is this the real shop? I need that apple.

    1. Yep, It's the one at Standford Mall. :D The apple is awesome, the interior has two sections so all your stuff won't fall out when you open it.

  2. Another creative Kate Spade Collection!! I'll be keeping me eye out for these when they go on sale. I have been wanting to go to Kate's store and this makes e want to go even more, thanks for the pics :)


  3. ahh im a sucker for anything kate!!!!
    brooke @ what2wear

  4. So glad you posted about this! I've been trying to decide if I could carry that picnic basket as an actual purse, if so I think its quite clever!

    Lovely blog, great content. I look forward to following your posts via bloglovin!

    xx from Hong Kong