Sunday, April 14, 2013

Playing Dress Up: Kate Young x Target

Ok kittens, I went to play dress up at Target this morning, trying on 6 pieces from cocktail to evening wear attire designed by Stylist Kate Young.

I must admit I was excited a few months ago about this collection, but as the time drew nearer for the collab to release and the step and repeat celeb pics were out I wasn't THAT impressed. I like the idea of the tuxedo white blazer but when I saw it on Michelle Williams, well I knew it wasn't that hot of an item. It was boxy and pajama looking.

The other two items I had my eye on were the leopard print bow booties and the tuxedo jumpsuit. let's jump to the jumpsuit, the one thing I really wanted to try on was not in my stores, nor any stores near me. It even appears to sold out online. :/ Well boo.

Now on to the dress up, I arrived at 11am-ish to my local Target (I wasn't going to wake up at the crack of dawn for this one) and the racks were full. Funny thing, on the accessory wall there was only 4 pairs of shoes, all size 8... I have no idea.

Note: I am trying on size 2 & XS in all the pics.
The shoes are 8's. My typical size shoe is normally a 7.5 to an 8.

1. Satin Blazer $49.99 - Cream with Satin Shorts-Black $29.99

-The blazer like I mentioned above, was very thin and boxy. It actually was quite soft, but it felt like satin PJ's. I could probably wear it to bed. I wouldn't buy this, unless I had some type of pajama themed party to attend, there's so many other tuxedo blazer options out there right now for better prices. Look else wear for this one.

-As for the satin shorts. I LOVE them. I like the high waist and sheen. I also like the length. I'm more modest and I just don't do short shorts. So these were perfect for me. And the pockets are functional. This will be a great option for date nights in the summer.

2. Open Back Evening Dress $89.99

- So obviously I love the polka dots! Did you notice the back? I really liked the ruffles draping down. It's so pretty. I would only get this if I'm able to snatch it up when it goes on sale, I just don't feel like $90 for a dress I'm not going to wear anytime soon is worth it right now.

3. Peplum Dress w/Tulle Navy & Black $69.99

- Another really cute dress! You need to try this one on to see if it works for you. It comes with a bow belt, the tulle skirt is precious, it will look better once you fluff it out at home. The ruffle peplum and the starry print on the top is a nice touch.  Still something I would keep on eye on as these pieces hit the sales rack.

4. Column Evening Dress $89.99

 - This dress was heavy. Wait let me rephrase, that bow is very heavy. The material was similar to that of the apple red Prabal Gurung x Target full dress. If not the same material.The best part of the dress is the back for the long bow of course. Otherwise it just didn't fit right on top, I felt like it was going to fall down any second. If this fits you and you have the perfect occasion for it, I say go for it!

5. Strapless Bow Dress - Floral Print $59.99

- I tried on the floral print vs the plain black bow dress so you can see the details better. This one is actually really cute. It has pockets, the length is just above the knee and it poufs, notice the tulle skirt underneath. I also like the gold zipper detail on the back. Oh one more thing, the bow has wire inside of it so you don't need to worry or fuss with a droopy bow. :D

 6. Naya Ankle Bootie with Bow Leopard $44.99

 - Aren't these really cute? The bow on the back of the bootie was soft and extravagant. These are worth the money, to me they look expensive and they are def statement making shoes.  I suggest buying them. :)

7. Neema Pump with Flame Detail $39.99

 -As for these ones. MEH. They also hurt. Not the most comfortable compared to the Prabal shoes last collaboration. Save this money for the leopard booties.

Overall I just didn't need a dress right now, so I didn't come home with any of the dresses even though they are quite pretty just way overpriced. BUT if and when they go on sale/clearance I'll be there to pick up the polka dot dress, the navy tulle dress and the leopard booties. Until then I'm quite satisfied with my black satin shorts and arrow barrettes! :D

Who shopped the collection today? What was your favorite piece? Or did you just pass on the whole collection?


  1. Hi Franci! Your Wu/PG friend Rachel here. I strolled into Target at 12:30 pm because I was holding out for the online exclusive green arrow clutch. I wasn't a fan of the stuff, it looked cheap and was all SO expensive! I was surprised they had the shoes in store - since they were online only. Cute, but not my style! Great review. I'm a fashion blogger too (newer so I have less posts) -

    1. Hi Rachel, thank you for checking out my blog! It was VERY expensive I agree, I liked some of the dresses but for that price-no way not happening. Especially when you think about the quality of some of them. And the shoes were a surprise, right?! Seems like most people were finding the 4 shoes all size 8's in store. Can't wait to visit your blog, I'm going to check it out right now. :D

  2. check out my review. wow we totally had different dresses at our store. we had a row of shoes too..all size 8/ weird

    1. Thanks for checking out my review Lydia! Looks like you fell for the bow dress too ;)

  3. i was actually blown away by this collection, she really has a good eye!!
    brooke @ what2wear

    1. Great looking stuff just too expensive for choice fabrics. But a good portion of the dresses looked awesome on! Did you try anything on B?

  4. My store also only had size 8 shoes - so strange!! When I first spotted the blazer, I thought of your since you had your eye on that one and also knew it would be way too big :( I went back for the shorts, I kept thinking about them and didn't have anything similar, can't wait to wear them. Like you, I'm hoping to maybe buy a dress or two on clearance, that polka dot one looks so cute on you :)