Friday, April 5, 2013

Express Clearance!

Usually boxes full of scattered clothes with huge red signs plastered on them categorized by sizes kinda turns me off. But I haven't dug through an Express box in quite a few months so I figured I was probably due. So I rolled up my sleeves and dove in.

Let me share with you the treasures I found. 
At an extra 20% off the clearance sale might I add.

I think what stood out in this heap of clothing was the colors. 
I'm a sucker for bright blue anything so naturally I grabbed those first.

The Silk Drop Waist top felt great on and the color is more vibrant in person.
Was $44.99, on clearance for $19.99 with an extra 20% off $15.99.

White Tux Blazer was $128 marked down to $59.99 with an extra 20% off $47.99.
I just love it. Just not paired with this tank top underneath, of course! :P
Even though it's sold out online (only available in black) 
you might be able to find the white version in-store.
Like I did.

And look what I found! The perfect peplum pencil skirt ;)
Was $59.90, clearance for $39.99 (in-store) or $29.99 online. Making it either $31.99 or $23.99.
Also available in salmon, red and black. But come one, it's all about the cobalt or Aquarium as Express called it! Buy it here.

Moral of story, let's face it, as unappealing as box diving may sound, it's the price 
we pay for fashion finds and great bargains! Hello peplum skirt of my dreams. 
Now go dive in before all the good stuff is gone.


  1. Aack - I am dying that you found an identical skirt to the cute sketch, totally meant to be! I feel the same as you about the bins, that's hard to do and I haven't done it in forever, but I am loving everything you found, great finds :)


    1. ;D I love that skirt! Also yes It's hard work looking in boxes since you need two hands free...most of the time I have a coffee drink in my hand! LOL!!

  2. love the Black & White blazer! great find!

    love from San Francisco,

    1. Thanks for stopping by Britt+Whit! The blazer is pretty awesome right? Hope to see you around soon again. :)